August 11, 2005

My life in Pune, India, as a web designer is going good. Looking back at times when I left home to make a mark on the world seems painful yet gives me strength. Papa and mummy and my little sis, everyone came to drop me to the bus stop. The decesion has been taken. A boy left home on his journy to manhood.

Some times I think the life is some how about just to settle down on this planet on our own. Doing our jobs, earning some good money, getting married and having kids, teaching them how to survieve and die.

But I am sure this is not all. I love my home in Sanawad, which is 70 K.M. south from Indore, the business capital for M.P.,the centre state of India. I.T. is growing so the country. My decesion of going into Multimedia and becoming an Animator and Web Designer came as a shock to my parents as they were not aware of what am I upto! But I am sure they are happy now. Still, they dont have a clue about what I do. 🙂

Sanawad is a small town with a population of 60,000 and surrounded by small villages and farms. The geography puts Sanawad under Nimar and its a really hot place or I say we get all the weathers for quite reasonable time. Max temp. 45 degrees….. and Min temp. 7 degrees… good rains and lots of fun.

I was pampered with the most care and love as much my parents can give since my birth was the moment they were waiting since 16 years after their wedding. My dad is now 63 and will get retierment from his Higher Secondary Lecturership job next year. My mummy is also a school teacher. The generation gap always remains there but I know the moments of happiness cannt be measured by any parametre they get after they look at me.

We shifted to Sanawad in 1984, a year and a half later my birth. My earliest memories of Sanawad starts when I was only three year old and television were getting just introduction in India, I used to make my mummy waiting outside a television show room and fighting my way inside to have a look at the box with moving pictures.

Then we shifted our house into another locality, Railway Station Road, and I got a new interest. Bigger than TV, much Bigger. TRAINS. Whenever I here the sound of a train, since we lived very near to the railway station and rail track was just 100 meters away from our home, I jump with pleasure and exitement causing my parents worries and terror boath together.

They tried to stop me as heard as they can, but trains are something they themselves can’t resist. We all go to the small town railway platform for a evening walk after dinner and I always asked the station master, ” When the train will come? ” . And always the answer never changed, ” 9 O’Clock. ” . He started to recognise me.

Apart from trains, I got one more new friend. My first friend. Sumit. Sumit Tuteja. He is just four days older than me. I was four than. We got admission to the nursary together and than kindergarten. I think Sumit deserves a lot more explanation than just these two lines. Life went on and my first friend got lost in the crowed.


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