August 16, 2005

The festival of Rakshabandhan is coming on 19th, and I am going to Sanawad after 2 months. I went to Mahabaleshwar and Panchagani with Gaurav and Vikky Bhai, here is the pic and I think I look cool in it wearing the denim jacket. I always like to hang out with friends and visit different places. After this trip I can assure you, although the place is cool but I am more in love with sun sand and sea.

I think the beaches are the best place in the world to visit. As you know the rains are pouring in and there was no way to go to Konkan, the beach territory of Maharashtra, A western state of India, We all agreed on Mahabaleshwar. Gaurav almost fall from the mountain, but we made a human chain to pull him out. It was almost a shock. But fun came when he slipped again and hitted the ground with his face. Alright!!!! he got some pain, but he was the one wearing slippers after all. We tried to tell him but he was not listening. He will never visit mountains or wear slippers. The bag, his cloths and all people supporting him got themselves dirty in the red mud.


It was a scene.

next time I will visit some place with SUN SEA & SAND.


OKEY! I cannt visit there, but on sunday, I, Atrey, Ankit and Kedar went to watch the movie: MADAGASCAR! and it was fun.

I like to move it move it! He like to move it move it! you like to move it move it! They like to move it move it!




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