August 17, 2005

Ok, I am going to Indore today and will reach Sanawad next morning or I say afternoon for Rakhi. I have not purchased anything for my little sis, as I am planning to take her for shopping. I think this will be the best idea and she will like it.

Rakhi at Sanawad always brings a lot of memories together. Urmila didi used to come at our home for almost 3 days to celebrate Rakhi. After birth of my sister and Urmila di’s third child, she stopped coming to Sanawad.

Sometimes, when we are happy, joyfull, funny and enjoying our lives, people just dont notice. But when we are in serious bad mood and mess up the situations the things cannt be explained to a certain someone.

Whenever I goofed up, messed up and hitted the floor hard, gave pain to my family and myself, did things so shamefull and under just plain anger, only one other family was always there. Urmila didi and her husband, Jhavare jijaji.

YES!!! I want to say, I am sorry to them. I always hurt them and always got love in return.

I know, I am not going to see Urmila didi this Rakhi, but I am praying, any way… please god… let me say I am so sorry for the things that I did. Always.


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