The Decision

The Decision:

Growing up in India means growing up in dreams and facing the harsh realities of life. A country of Culture, Cricket, Food and Cinema i.e. Bollywood. To get up and fight for dreams, to make them come true and making life an unforgettable journey of memories and cherish is never an easy task.

From my early childhood I have seen a lot of films, as India is the country, which makes the highest number of films per year in the world. When I was 14, I clearly got the idea that I can choose the medium as a career. I never told this to anyone, as I was afraid of people laughing at me on my thought. Being from a typical middle class family where both my parents are teachers, the dream only survived in my lonely long wide-awake nights. My hands worked as a camera frame and kept shooting with my eyes in a medium naming brain. At 16, the year I finished my school, I decided on going with direction.

A promise has been made. A journey has been started. After my college, I joined C-DAC (A Ministry of IT Govt. of India subsidiary) for the course of Multimedia and Arts. From graphic design to web designing and Audio/Visual Editing, 2D and 3D modeling and animation, I got the proper idea that my dreams were not fooling me. I was sure that sometime, someday I can achieve what was a dream of a 14 year old whose class mates only discussed about there new physical developments and girls.

Watching movies made only for masses to make them forget all the reality and worries, making them laugh and cry at any rate, watching movies which made the biggest stars and heroes and all the epics alive, and living movies all my life made me break all the barriers and this time I am taking my first step toward a journey which is my decision, destination and destiny.

There is an old Indian saying, which is loosely translated as “One who has courage and truth in his heart, wins in the end. Always.”


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