October 26, 2005

Finally. Diwali is here. The festival of Light and Joy. I am going to Sanawad tomorrow. OKEY, I planned for this long ago but got the chance on Diwali.

My biggest task is going to explain Papa about NYFA. Well its almost 10 days holiday and I think I can manage a good amout of rest and time with family and friends.

I am not homesick but just another human. I love to be at home. And who doesn’t. Proper food and all the things which are not strange but familiar as water and air.

Today I am having cough and having difficulty in throat. It is just bad weather I think, but it is all happening in festival season! I am doing as much to get it cleared so that I can have all the fun and not a silently sitting boy eating a sandwitch in hand.

When I comeback from home I am going to let u know all about the 3rd Asian FIlmFestival that I attended this week.

Happy Diwali to all of you. Have a wonderful time and may gods bless you.


October 15, 2005

Going to Sanawad this time around won’t be too easy. The biggest festival of India, Diwali, the festival of light is coming nearer. My NYFA plans are growing but the time is too short.

I think I am more calmer than when I got admitted at first. I have to keep my cool and do what am I supposed to.

I never visited Sanawad as planned. After rakhi I am going to Sanawad for the first time. Unlike Rakhi, I have bigger thinga to deal with.

Funds to send to NYFA, explaining everything to my parents and ofcourse, I have to meet Manas and Priya, as their Dad expired last thursday. I feel too sorry for them. Its tough time for them and I am praying for them to get strength in these dark days.

I think sometimes one can’t just sit on the shore and watch the waves to do everything.

I am on my way…