October 26, 2005

Finally. Diwali is here. The festival of Light and Joy. I am going to Sanawad tomorrow. OKEY, I planned for this long ago but got the chance on Diwali.

My biggest task is going to explain Papa about NYFA. Well its almost 10 days holiday and I think I can manage a good amout of rest and time with family and friends.

I am not homesick but just another human. I love to be at home. And who doesn’t. Proper food and all the things which are not strange but familiar as water and air.

Today I am having cough and having difficulty in throat. It is just bad weather I think, but it is all happening in festival season! I am doing as much to get it cleared so that I can have all the fun and not a silently sitting boy eating a sandwitch in hand.

When I comeback from home I am going to let u know all about the 3rd Asian FIlmFestival that I attended this week.

Happy Diwali to all of you. Have a wonderful time and may gods bless you.


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