The Last Chapter of the book 7 of Harry Potter

Hey Friends,

I have written this last chapter of the HP series book seven and I think its good enough for a read. As we are not going to have the book 7 for more than 2 years from now, just enjoy.


The Lost And Last Horcrux

Harry felt Ron and Hermione drop motionless and stupefied in his back.

“Ron, Hermione are you…” Harry sat beside them with his wand clutched tightly in his hand, litting brightly on the tip.

“Welcome, Harry!” a voice echoed in the dark of the Godrics Hollow. Harry turned to his back and tried to find the source of the voice.

“Lumous”, again echoed the voice. A wand, in the middle of the hall litted on the tip. A white scull and icy expressional face was now clearly visible.

“Remember this place, Harry!”, said Voldemort, “Your Father was dead on the place where you are now standing. I killed him and walked over him to get you.”

“You will die.. I will kill you.” Harry yelled.

“You can never kill me Harry!” laughed Voldemort. “You will never know the secret. I am immortal.”

“I destroyed five of your Horcruxes.” Sneered Harry.

“…and you come here in search of the sixth” snapped Voldemort. “On what cost Harry… Your Mother, Father, Sirius, Dumbledore and … Ginny”

“No…” Harry roared, “You can’t harm her.”

“I certainly did,” shouted Voldemort. “The stupid girl came to search you in the graveyard and Nagini had her last dinner before you killed her.”

“I will kill you” Harry’s scar was shining with a silver shine as a thread of memory from Dumbledore’s Pensive. “Avada Kavedra” Harry yelled with the most inner hate.

Voldemort disapparated and Harry missed. The light was now coming from the bedroom of the old Potter house.

“Here… Here your mother was laying… she was beautiful Harry, you have got the same eyes” Voldemort said with a laugh in his voice. Harry rushed in the bedroom. Voldemort was standing in the far most corner of the room and looking like an infery with speaking abilities.

“Don’t” said Harry with a chill in his voice,”don’t ever talk about my parents. You are a killer and will get the punishment”

Voldemort roared with laugh. “… and you are going to punish me! Harry, I cannot be destroyed without any of my Horcrux alive.”

“Stop playing Voldemort! Get on to business.” said Harry chewing every word with anger.

Voldemort smiled “So…! you are the Chosen One…” said Voldemort with a evil grin, “don’t you Harry? You are supposed to kill me…! Don’t you?”

“Avada…”Harry yelled but blocked.

“You can never kill me Harry!” Voldemort was laughing with a roar, “The chosen one can never destroy the Dark Lord.”

“I did it once… you were gone for fourteen years. I will finish you completely this time.” Shouted Harry.

“YOU DID IT?” Yelled Voldemort, the laugh was now gone and evil was looking out of his swollen eyes, “YOU DID IT? NO POTTER, I DID IT! I MARKED YOU EQUAL.”

“You never heard the prophecy!” said Harry with anger of hell in his voice.

“The prophecy? Harry, I changed the prophecy.” spitted Voldemort, “I changed the prophecy”

“Professor Dumbledore let me hear the prophecy! You cannot change it from his pensive.” cried Harry.

“Dumbledore never knew about the change Potter. Time turners are not only for miss Mud blood!”

“Don’t abuse Hermione” again shouted Harry

“…either survive while the other die” said Voldemort calmly “isn’t it, Potter!”

“If you know the prophecy why don’t you kill me now, so you can…”

“…Harry! this is not the real prophecy. The second half says …both survive while either die.”

“…That means…”

“OH YES HARRY!” Harry was cut in between by Shouting Voldemort. “YOU ARE MY SIXTH HURCRUX.”

“NO”, Cried Harry with anger and pain.




“But you always tried to kill me!” said Harry, “You never let me live my life.”

“That is my life you silly boy. I tried to kill you because you were trying to stop me from my return.” Voldemort said in anger “You never handed me the Philosopher’s Stone. You tried to defend me in the Chamber of Secrets. But finally I got the three blood drops from you to make sure…. I will

Harry felt a sudden pain of grief in his heart. His heart pounding heavily like a blacksmiths air pump. “You cannot kill me either, Voldemort. I am your most powerful Horcrux. I made you vanished for that. and will live with you if you kill me”

“No! No Harry!” said the dark lord with a chilling guesture of his neck. “you are my Seventh Horcrux. That was my fault. No one can reach to the most powerful number of seven in the count of horcruxes. Now, only two horcruxes left… you and me. Soon you will turn out to be another me as you were in the level nine in department of mystries two years back.”

“If I may turn out to be you… you are going to pay for that. For my Mother and father, Sirius and for Professor Dumbledore and for my love, Ginny” With a unwelcoming gesture of his wand, Harry putted it on his forehead and yelled, “Avada Kavedra.”

“NO” Yelled Voldemort with a cry and pain, “You can’t do this”

“No Harry!” Shouted Ron, since the curse was tear off Ron and Hermione were standing just outside the door of the room, “NO YOU CAN’T DO THIS HARRY!”

Hermione gaped with terror

Harry’s scar busted open and two rays of light in colors of silver and gold came out. Voldemort was looking with anger and hate towards the fast growing ropes. Before he could make any move, the ropes tightened him and vanished inside him from his nose, ears and mouth. Harry’s body fell down on floor. Ron rushed towards him.

“NO Harry, You cannot be gone” Cried Hermione.

“Ron get your wand out” said Voldemort.

“Harry”, Ron turned towards Voldemort, “Kill me Ron Hurry! ” Voldemort jumped towards his wand tried to battle with himself like possessed with an inner power.

Ron gaped and stood. He was not feared. He was not lost. Hermione said “Ron kill him. This is Voldemort”

“No this is Harry!” shouted Ron.

“No just kill him. Don’t make Harry’s life a waste.”

“No you silly mud blood” Shouted Voldemort, “If you kill me Harry will also die.”

“…AAAH” With another sound of pain Voldemort said, “Just kill me Ron, Hermione please. This is the only way. There is no Horcruxes left now. Kill him. NOW”

With tears in his eyes Ron shouted, “I can’t kill you Harry!”

“He killed everyone I ever loved. My parents, Sirius and Dumbledore and now see he killed Ginny also.”

“NO” Shouted Hermione.

“Just kill me. I don’t want you two to die.” Pleaded Voldemort.

Hermione and Ron got their wands out and cursed together, “Avada Kevadra.!”

With a blast in the middle of the house, the roof blowed away. The walls started to fall. The body of Voldemort torn apart and light and blood started to came out with screams of Harry and Voldemort. Near the body of Harry, Hermione was in Ron’s arms fainted and Ron was looking in a state of shock on what had happened.

Soon after the vanishing of the light from Dark Lord’s body Ron also fainted where Harry’s body was laying. The boy who lived was motionless but one thing was missing. His forehead was not having the mark. It was gone. The Scar.



18 thoughts on “The Last Chapter of the book 7 of Harry Potter

  1. u seem to do well in writing. the twist that the prophecy was changed was great…but few would have liked an end like that…me too..;)

  2. Good work yaar. Most of us have made our minds that Ron & Hermione though very important as the Trio, have little role to play in bringing the Dark Lord’s downfall. Nicely penned & a brilliant idea(time turners). But now both of us must be expecting JKR to produce something much more brilliant in the actual last chapter of the Last book. What do you think it will be named though. The last chapter may be named The Scar. And the Book May be named Harry Potter & The Flight of Death, a loose translation of Voldemort(just an idea).
    Contact me at kabil.k.a (at) gmail (dot) com
    I am also on orkut

  3. Hey man its really wonderful but not the JKR type of ending.Anyway great thinking n wtng for the complete work…from u man…Hope u have already started working..or else better start soon All the best..

  4. thought it was d real book ending itself…….u r rocking and skilled…. write more for us like this….

  5. hey the ending was superb.. but i hate u for killing harry.. please ..y did u do that… can u write one more ,bt wit a diff happy ending..please..

  6. Very good!But it would be a bit better if only Harry was given a life again without a scar.You are simply a good writer,you maybe a good writer like her in the future.

  7. the climax i really think will be like urs…..harry killing himself to kill voldemort…..really man 2 gud 2 xplain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. i didn’t like it. you should consider improving your english first. But the idea was good. i appreciate ur effort.

  9. i dont know wat 2 say it waz a gud twist but i expected more from u rowling. couldn’t dare be a twist but still a happy ending couldnt dare every1 die BUT harry i mean it waz a really gud twisted but i think u need 2 write anova book, if not 4 da fans 4 da money cum on plz u gotta

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