Thanks Papa

I came back to Pune on 7th Nov. after celebrating Diwali at Sanawad and I must tell it was one of the finest festivals I had and will remember it for a long time. I bought a new DVD player and gifted it to Dad. My Granny was a bit sick but she is all right now. Abhishek Bhaiya, His wife, their kids Isha and Parth, Uncle and Aunty visited us this whole festival and that was the time to cherish about having 11 people on the festival of light was a pure delight for every person at home.

We all were very happy.

Finally the NYFA thing, Papa and I had a Man-to-Man chat and there he explained me how the conditions are and why I cannot go to LA. He was quite a bit sad about telling me all these things but I know he will be proud of me some day. He still do have but… you know!

Papa said,”Birds fly because they want to do so. So do you…”

“You have a dream and that is the key. Compromises are the biggest part of life and everyone has to do that in order to survive.”

“…Never let your dreams die. Someday, if not today, you will reach the place you dream about.”

Thanks Papa, for everything.


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