Rest of December 05, 2005

Actually I am much more releaved that its monday today. You know last week was so bad that I prayed for its conclusion.
It happen some times. Bad moods, work loads and all that. Well here I am with a new week and a new energy to have fun with. On sunday I went to british library and got entry passes to DJ night by DJ Akbar Sami at ‘Fire ‘n’ Ice’ Disco’.
We all are going there tomorrow. It would be fun.

Apart from it I got a new book in the new arrival section which is a diary, almost a blog or journal by ‘Adrian Mole’, I am not sure about the name of the book but it is quite funny.

‘He is not fat darling, he is Dimentionaly ChallangedImage

This is something occupied me whole sunday and finally it was Amit Johri’s B’day yesterday, so the week concluded with a good supper with friends at Captain’s-Inn.

I am very much confused about what to do next. Just doing my job, nothing to do much. Sometimes I die of work load and sometimes I can write a novel sitting here. Change of job is not on my mind right now. I am just applying for the overseas recruitment agencies and wants.

Hoping to have a good responce in the new year.


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