December 13, 2005

I think it will be a great idea to take my digital cam along with me to Mumbai. As we are just going with Nikhil, but in the morning time we can capture some good shots as well.

‘Nariman Point’ and ‘Gate Way of India’ are going to be in my shooting range.

I think we can manage to visit the ‘Elephenta Caves’ too.

I’ve been to gym this morning and my trainer and diet expert suggested me to have more meals a day. He said having frequent meals will prevent me to have much more than I eat regulerly. I believe him but I am very much afraid of the backfier.

He also told me to reduce tea and start having milk instead and he also told me to have ‘Idlees’ as breakfast. I don’t know if rice made Idlee is good for me!

PS: Is rice dengerous for obes people or threat for humanity for Obesity? Do people from Kerala and Tamilnadu and Karnataka and Andra Pradesh are obes as they eat rice as primary food?

Gangully did it again yesterday! Run Out his partner! why on earth he plays cricket? Rahul was playing on 53 and he was run out. It happened two times in three Indian Innings. He must be saked.


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