December 23, 2005


Tomorrow is my Birth Day. I’ll be 23 years old. So I think this is one of the finest times to recalculate about past year and the wilderness years. So many things went past. A lot of things changed and so many people and friends and jobs and conditions and dreams and ambitions and the list can never be completed.

December 2004:

Soon after my birthday, I went to Khandwa with my family to meet a girl, with whom my family wanted me to marry. Under the family pressure (not like talibani pressure though) I agreed to the point. But in a bizarre second meeting with the girl while catching the train back to Pune I realized the girl can never be a part of my life.
I was in misery and tensed as well. I thought the doors are closing and as per the plans I must marry the girl next December (this month). I called at my home and had a long chat with my sister and told her that I cannot stand the pressure. I won’t marry that girl.
She was not a bad girl but still there are a few things that people needs to understand about the world rather than sitting all day inside home or kitchen and doing fine work of embroidery on the new ‘Lenhenga’. I mean come-on man, we are living in 21st century and the world out there is shrinking and you are behaving like whatever happens to the world will never affect you! I mentioned UK to a member of their family and he understood UP (a state in India).
Nitin left the job from ‘Westbase Technology’.
All that happened and the New Year party was at Apatche a local Pub with arrangement of a huge party for the day. We had fun and returned home around 4 in the morning.

January 2005

Apart from all the party stuff and fun I had to wake up in the morning at 6:30 because there was a weekend planned from my office to visit Konkan. Got a flat tire on my first outing of the 1st of January!
Well the beaches were just perfect and those days were fun. Sun Sea and sand.
Returned from Konkan just to know our new MD Mr. Sacha Kakkad, son of our previous MD Late Mr. Rashmikant Kakkad is visiting India for the first time from UK. We were waiting for him since the demise of his father in last November. He came and we found a 27 Years old Half Indian cool and dashing guy handling a $250Mn turnover business. We made friends with each other. I like him. we went swimming and had some good time. Sacha left and Prashant did the trick to shift my place to most uncomfortable place in the office just to create “an issue”. Yeah this is his favorite word. I was dying under the stairs, near the UPS and exposing my computer screen to everyone.
My job started to suck me and I was miserable.

February 2005:

Nagging place at office. Avinash got fired. Prashant was the culprit. My place remained under the stairs.
Very good climate of the city. Valentines day came. Asked Raksha out. She agreed and had my first valentines date. We wandered the entire city all the daylong.
Got letters of appreciations from UK office and client side regarding the presentation I made.
Ronald returned after his treatment in Chennai. He was my current boss then suffering from the same disease as Rajesh Khanna did in Anand. He clarified that his was in first stage and can be curable since the medical is advance these days. I requested him about my space and he promised me for a helping hand against the place and Prashant.
Prasad, our onsite manager was also here for a break from UK. He changed my place in the later part of the month and I shifted with the web team upstairs.

March 2005:

New Place. Financial Year Ending. 5 leaves to be taken. Sacha promised an onsite opportunity. I went Indore and Sanawad for 10 days. Applied for passport. Had a raw with Prince. Told him to leave my apartment in Indore. He left and taken lots of MY stuff along with him.
Returned to Pune and office politics continued. Used to go swimming every weekend with Gaurav, Hissam and Deepak. The life was going cool and I was having a good fun with water cooler gossips in office.
End on the month got a call from Papa, police came regarding the enquiry of passport. I went to Sanawad for the confirmation on my existence.

April 2005:

There was pain in my stomach on 2nd April and I refused to go for dinner at our regular dining hall. Amit went alone and Ankit too stayed home, as he was tired of his first job where he was overworked and underpaid. Gaurav than took me to a restaurant nearby to have some soda to relax my gastric pain. As I was sipping my soda, got a call from a stranger claiming to witness a gas cylinder blast at the mess and having injured Amit in his arms.
Amit was taken to KEM hospital, just behind our apartment. Had 2 sleepless nights in his bedside. His parents came from Ratlam and comforted him. Ankit also had a raw with his boss.
My Place in office shifted again and now I was back downstairs but at a different place from where I can see Prashant all the time. Think this was an idea from higher ups to annoy me with making me look at Prashant all the time.
Abhishek Bhaiya visited Pune for some books and other stuff. I took a membership from British Council of India’s Library. We got lots of books from there.
Holi came, the festival of colors. Visited Sanawad and had fun. Returned to Pune.

May 2005:

Found Sacha making a surprise visit in the office. It was too dramatic. Sacha increased my salary but not as much as I was expecting. Place was sucking and I was totally harassed by the company policies.
Amit returned from Ratlam after the accident. He looked fine.


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