February 13, 2006

On my Birth Day , 24th December, there was a major car crash while returning from party. Life halted and everything seemed to be gone. On bed and on wheel chair, it seemed like it will go forever and will never end. The pain and the truma. The depression was all over my life, mind and soul.

I am back in my office after a long break of 7 weeks.

It was a rough episode and perhaps the worst part of my life till now.
Here, in my first communication from my desk, I would like to thank all of my friends for being so caring, helpful, kind, supportive and being there for me while I needed friends the most. It could be worst without all of you guys.
It is all because of your best wishes and prayers that today after more than 50 days, I am back to normal life. The happenings of all these time tought me that friends, love and laughter is invaluable. 
I got 5 Fractures and am getting recovered. It is true that one can die any moment. If I die, please let everyone know that there is a blog written by a boy who wanted to live every moment of his life and he lived it too…. just with a 50 days break, while he had a commercial break for 2 months.
Live and love your life…