March 21, 2006

Since my return from Sanawad after recovery, I am trying hard to get my portfolio strong in terms of projects and project management. I started with a Placement Brochure presentation for Babauraoji Gholap College, for Gaurav, and the presentation is almost done. I am waiting for students’ photos and resumes.

Apart from that a few more projects are under pipelines and in talks. A Narmadiya Samaj website, A project from Vinay H. , A project from Kripal (friend of Hissam and Harris).

I am ok but I think the long break away has changed so many things in my life.

Now I send more SMSes, More mails, make more calls and try to be in touch with everyone. Last night I was confronted with yet another mood swinger. Nothing happened but I got cracked. Finally I sat on my PC and designed a layout and got the answer.

Designing makes me feel good and look good. And one more thing… I design best while I am in bad mood!


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