March 28, 2006

I was late again last night. I reached home at aroung 10:00 PM. Amar was waiting for me there. We had a script hearing session and I think he liked the story. I am going to meet the producer this weekend and on a shoot this monday.

I found Narmadashtak on a website featureing all the works of Adi Shankaracharya. I think it was an achivement of sorts as I was in online search of Narmadashtak since last 3 years.

Aarti joined coatching in Indore. She is relaxed now. I told her to be cool and enjoy.

I am having a major responsibility of inviting people of Narmadiya samaj in the the meet which is going to be held on Sunday in Sambhaji Park. I think there will be a lot of people on the day.

While buying a pair of sunglasses, I broke one from the middle…. HAHAHA
I just opened it and with a small tick, it was in 2 pieces in my hands.

That was a scene on the Walking Plaza of MG Road in Pune. Hey… do you know, the walking plaza of MG Road in Pune is also a Wi-Fi Zone?

That means, any one can access Internet anywhere in that area on a laptop.

Just like me!!


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