March 30, 2006

Reviews of the poster of Sitoliya are coming in. As expected, people who were aware of my ambition and know the script said it was good and a few people made jokes out of it.

It is fine since they still think that I am also jokeing by designing such thing.

I loved the trailer of Little Manhattan. Alas! the film released only in NYC and will come out on DVDs this April. I am waiting for the film since last one year.

Q. Why 20th Century Fox and Regency Pictures made a film for DVD?
A. Than it is easier for other countries to make DVD-Rip-off of them!

A Trivia….

Do you know, most of the films release in New York City months before their US or World Premier.

My machine is serving the team as a VSS Server and I am not allowed to shut down it. I do check mails, do chat, download and use the net at its fullest but never catch up with viruses. (Touchwood!)
But these programming guys, keep coming back with viruses in the process to infect my machine. If something goes wrong, and my machine, which is a server, gets currupted, the whole project will be dead.

Everyone will blame me for not taking care of the machine and infecting with virus. But viruses come from Praving and Dheeraj. They call themselves software Professionals but they do open all the attachments sent to them. Spams, chain mails and viruses, everything.

Vikky bhai told me not to try and visit untrusted websites as his machine, at home, is not protected with any antivirus program.
This is riddiculous since you have a internet connection and do not have any antivirus!

By the way…
Today is “Gudi-Padwa”, first day of Hindu New Year. May all the wishes of everyone’s heart come true.


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