In this world, as we grow up, we meet so many people. Some of them become our friends. As the life progresses some friends leave us, some gets left behind and we leave some of them.

This journey never stops. It has it’s own plans. It never waits for anything, anyone, and anywhere. The journey is called life.

Sitoliya is a story of Aditya, an 11-year-old boy who has his own world where he likes to be alone. Close in his own mind he tries his best to avoid anyone with a wish of friendship. His nature is the biggest concern of his parents.

When his only best friends Rohan leaves the town, broken Aditya gets a new friend in the face of Muskan. Muskan teaches him to laugh and life and the meanings of friendship.

Aditya, who started looking at the world in a whole new perspective, never knew, the storm was coming.

But promises need to be kept.

Sitoliya tells a story of the pillars of friendship and value of words. It teaches us not only about life, but ways on which it can be more beautiful.


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