April 28, 2006

Okey! Here is the description of last night. We all went to watch ‘Darna Zaroori Hai’ from our office at Inox. It was a not-so-bad to good film and we all had good time. It was more of an experiment than a feature film. Sam dropped me at home at 2 AM.

Do you understand the meaning of ‘Weird‘?


I am having a day which can be described as One Wired Day Out. Oh what on earth is that? In morning I wokeup so lazy, without the proper sleep. There was no money in my pocket on the tea stall. I grabbed 500 bucks from my savings and went to have some breakfast before heading for office.

At the restaurent I got a call on my mobile from a Mr. Ramchandran from Chennai. I think he called me after my mail to the Yahoo! group. He was claiming to be an producer and director for American Television. He said you should understand the seriousness of the business of film making. I think his intentions were good. But you know… a lazy morning and a call from a stranger from more than 2000 miles away.

When I was round the corner, traffic police constables stopped me and snached all the money I had in my pocket i.e. 500 bucks. I use the word snatch because I think Policemen are the biggest thieves in the country. Even he did not gave me a receipt of the amount he pocketed.

Oh my sweet of sweat, oh my 500 bucks.

That policeman is going to die tonight. That’s my curse.

Police in India are like that. They don’t listen.

And to add more,
Here in office we got some Good-Weird food as well.

Apart from all these chaos in my life today Jagdeesh got the offer letter from HSBC. A whooping 3.25 Per Annum is the offer. I must say that is a perfect offer for him. He said dreams come true, and I said, ofcourse they do.

Oh he is a happy man today. I composed his resignation letter for him as I am considered an experianced guy in the things like that.

I am going to Konkan (Dive-agar) once again tonight. Atrey and Anand had planned this out. I don’t know what are the details but we are leaving for the region tonight and that is it.

Again Sun,Sea and Send. I don’t know how it like to be on the beach in mid summer tropical afternoon! It is going to be hot and humid but the see water is going to wash everything away.

So here I am today.


Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes

Here is the song which I am humming since yesterday after watching ‘Little Manhattan’. As the credits are, I think this is a 70’s song.

Well here is the beautiful song…

Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)
By: Edison Lighthouse
(Barry Mason – Tony Macaulay)

She ain’t got no money
Her clothes are kinda funny
Her hair is kinda wild and free
Oh but love grows where my Rosemary goes
And nobody knows like me

She talks kinda lazy
And people say she’s crazy
And her life’s a mystery
Oh, but love grows where my Rosemary goes
And nobody knows like me

There’s something about her hand holding mine
It’s a feeling that’s fine
And I just gotta say (hey!)
She’s really got a magical spell
And it’s working so well
That I can’t get away

I’m a lucky fella
And I just got to tell her
That I love her endlessly
Because love grows where my Rosemary goes
And nobody knows like me

It keeps growing every place she’s been
And nobody knows like me
If you’ve met her, you’ll never forget her
And nobody knows like me
La la la- believe it when you’ve seen it
(Nobody knows like me)

April 27, 2006

The Mother of all news is here.

Jagdeesh got HSBC.

Isn’t that great. We all are so happy. I think the lad deserved that. Although he was so anxious last night, I was pretty sure that everything will be fine.

I am going to watch the movie ‘Darna Zaroori Hai’ from my office. Our HR Revati has arranged the tickets and all the coleagues are coming along. I think it would be fine as I am leaving nearby the Multiplex where we are visiting in for the night show.

Rest in peace.

The Narmadiya

Being Narmadiya means people who are originated from Maa Narmada. King Mandhata was a Kshatriya who had no successor to sustain his monarchy. The King worshipped Lord Shiva to save his bloodline by making a temple on an island in river Narmada and did Tapasya for many years.
When Lord Shiva decided to visit him, he asked the Lord to give him the boon of a son and asked the Lord to stay in his Kingdome.
Lord Shiva told him to worship Maa Narmada, as being a holy and ancient river; goddess Narmada was the lifeline of his Kingdome and his people. She provided prosperity and all the happiness to his people. If the king asks Maa to save his bloodline, it would be a humble request.
The king than worshiped Maa Narmada and Maa gave him not one but 12 sons and asked the king to bring them up as Brahmins and not as Kshatriya.
The king obeyed her instructions and the bloodline of the king was saved. All the 12 kids were brought up as Brahmins and they called Narmadiya Brahmins. The names of all the 12 brothers are what we refer as our Gotras today.
Lord Shiva stayed in the Kingdome of King Mandhata as Omkareshwar Jyotirling as per the king’s request.

April 26, 2006

Oh I am so HAPPY.

I downloaded the whole film…’Little Manhattan’!!!!

And watched it just now!

It was awsome.

Hey guys, a word of advice. Do not miss it. It is one of the cutest films you have ever seen. It’s mesmerising. Oh! I want to be in love again.

Thanks to Devil Board and all the devils there for responding on my request. Thankyou guys for uploading it for me. I would have never seen it if you guys were not there.

Now a new quest begings for the music score of the film… Love Grows, Where My Rosemary Goes and Nobody Knows, Like Me… Ohh… Thats the tune… still haunting my thoughts.

Well… I am so happy that I’ll see the movie again tonight and on the weekend and on Monday and many more times to come and many years to come and times and times. It was just perfect. Ahh…

Thanks to 20th Century Fox and Regency Pictures  for making such film. The direction is awsome. Script just perfect.

It was romantic comedy of the year for me.

Aamir and NBA

“Oh, look at him!” cheered a 13-year-old boy from my back, “He is Nana Patekar, and I just love his Machhar song.”

“I watched his 2 films on video in our village on Holi.” Snapped the other boy of same age.

“He must be so rich.” Said the first boy.

“Is he the brother of Medha Patkar?”

“Who Knows?”

“He must be. Otherwise, why this great artist should have visited our village?”

The year was 1996, when Nana Patekar visited Barwani and its nearby villages to support the cause of Medha Patkar in the ‘Narmada Bacho Aandolan’ (NBA). The visit was a rage in the area. I, as a teenager, was quite confused about what on earth made this big guy visit and support the cause of NBA?

People started cashing on his visit. Music shop started playing his songs, local cinemas were showing his old blockbusters and people who never visited to theaters went out to see his ‘Krantivir’ to know more about the guy who come to their homes.

Though Nana was supposed to talk about government’s policy about dams and people’s benefit and loss, he opened his differences with Baba Aamte and NBA on the stage in Chikhalda, a small village with a population of 1000, situated at 8 K.M. from Barwani. That was a flop show as NBA can count but from the prospect of the villagers, it was ‘Nana Patekar’ who visited their soil.

A decade later, another superstar, Aamir Khan placed his foot forward to support NBA. Wherever you see, media is going bonkers about Aamir’s NBA cause. Everyone is saying if Aamir is there, there is something to look forward to.

But do he understand the Sardar Sarovar or Indira Sagar Pariyojana or Narmada Valley Project?

The ‘Rang De Basanti’ statement is all over him and he is out to support a cause and may be in future there is more youth present to support his cause. It is coming from Aamir. The same guy who evoked the nation with his statement of a lifetime in ‘RDB’. He must be right with his decision on NBA too. Right?


If we talk about a developed nation, that means a country with a lot of industries which will represent India as a manufacturing hub, a lot of employment opportunities and less people under poverty line.

Why after 59 years of independence the primary slogan for each election is the same and that is ‘Bijali aur Pani’?

The whole country is suffering from the power shortage. In the villages and small towns of Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh are surviving with less than 8 hours a day of electricity supply. Government is increasing per unit charges. Providing water to the fields is now proving it self as an impossible task to the farmers. Suicides among farmers become a regular column in newspapers. Government of India confirmed that the power shortage is causing a loss of more than $370 million a year. Without electricity the water supply is not possible even to towns closer from the rivers. Without water fields are drying. Farmers are heading to industrial areas where industries with power shortage are also under losses.

It infrastructure is booming. Sensex is touching new heights. Companies are making their own arrangements of power in forms of generators, which are totally dependent on diesel. They are surviving on their own. Diesel is already a valuable resource. Oil prices are touching new heights.

Mr. Aamir Khan, are you listening?

To make a perfect country, developed nation, independent from power, finance and food, initiatives are required.

No country can produce entrepreneurs out of students studying in candlelights in the exam times. Not everyone is rich enough to buy and maintain generators and invertors.

Sitting in Air-conditioned vans and living in generator backed apartments can never make anyone understand the real situation of people spending sleepless nights in almost 40 degree temperature.

Dams on Maa Narmada will make the valley more prosperous. People will have electricity and water for their fields. The power shortage in 5 states will be a thing of past. Farmers will saw seeds 3 times a year like any European country. Food prices will come down. Industries will have more power and will be able to provide more employment opportunities. India will become an Industrial hub.

Government is doing just the right thing. They are paying for everything the people are loosing. The relief amount is more than the worth of their property. People who never have seen money in their entire life are now playing with raining rupees and leading a good life elsewhere.

Wherever Medha Patekar is doing is just a publicity stunt. Backed by NGOs from outside the country, this is her business.

To make a great nation, sacrifices are required. By opposing the dam projects, NBA is opposing the growth of the nation. Aamir’s initiative is for aadivasis, but the truth is the so-called aadiwasi’s are the people who are from the likes of Gurjar communities who already had all the relief money from government and now being paid to participate in the rallies.

Know the ground realities before jump into the opposing arena.

Aamir you are making things worse. Governments in the past had already spent a fortune on these projects and now by opposing, we may loose all the money and electricity and water will never come.

We are making the sacrifices of towns like Harsud and villages like Chikhalda a total waste.

Aamir, please step back.

Lets support the cause of a nation. Lets come forward to support the dam. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

For the completion of a ‘Yagna’, ‘Purnahuti’ is required to meet the purpose of the ceremony.

Twadiya Paad Pankajam, Namaami Devi Narmade.

April 25, 2006

First day at the new office was fun. The new office is good and very spacious. People are sitting so far from each other that no one can rattle to them all time. My computer is places in the center now but in a couple of days it will be at some place with more privacy.

We had lunch at Kimaya, a very expensive and not so good restaurant near the office. The bill was on Revati. She thinks everybody co-operated with the office shifting issue.

I Got some work to do but I think I a discussion is required. Sam is busy with the firewall issue. Snatosh, the CMS admin, poor guy messed it up again. The whole AS-400 team is waiting for it. Their day is gone waste.

My weekend was good. I watched a lot of movies and did some fabulous things.

First on Thursday, I watched ‘Cheaper By The Dozen 2’, it was a fantastic family comedy.

On Friday night I watched ‘Pyare Mohan’, a good comedy. It was a nice comedy and after a long time I visited Inox with this film.

Saturday began with ‘Ice Age 2 – The Melt Down’, it was a film I was waiting for a long time. It was fun, watching Sid again. He is quite a character. Good animation and a lovely film.

I finished the script of ‘Before the storm comes’ for 24×7 Making Movies competition. I worked from 6 PM form the evening till 3 AM in the morning. The script is finished and I did some experiment with the ‘voice over’ technique for the first time.

I am still in search for a DV cam. Oh god, when am I get a camera for real to shoot all my ideas down. I am very much hopeful for the 24×7 thing. It could be my platform in the Bollywood. Hopes are on stake, again.

On Monday evening I was feeling so relaxed that I just wanted to sleep. But you know, sometimes your best plans never come to implementation. I was up till 2 in the morning.

To kill the time, I watched ‘Les Miserable’, which I think was a beautiful film and after a heavy line up of comedies, it was a fabulous change.

Tuesday was a regular day at office. No Internet and nothing important to do.

April 20, 2006

Ok. So we are shifting for final time. We are shifting to Kothrud in the McDonalds building 5th Floor. The office has a very good structure, A.C. and view from the 5th floor is just awsome.

Thank god the Chutkula Office days over. Tomorrow is the last day here and everyone is releaved.

Alas, I wont be having internet access from my desk till next Thursday. I think nowadays I am under the syndrome of Internet. I can live without it. It has become an integral part of my life. I dont know if it is good or bad but a PC with a broad band connection is my life-line.

April 19, 2006

Chutkula Office is all over this week. Our HR cried all over the office for 15 long minutes yesterday. She was crying and I was telling her not to cry. (Grrrr…)

Increments are impossible this time as office setup is the first priority. People are so lazy that they haven’t yet filled their Appraisal Sheets that they got a month back. After they fill the sheets, Sam will review it and send to Jay for more review and than a discussion will be there and a one on one meeting and than oh-my-god-lots-of-stuff and than they will decide how much raise we have got in our salary (15-20% I guess!).

Incidents are happening everyday like, when Kaushal’s machine was not responding he restarted Menaka’s machine with soft hands. He said he was unable to decide upon which was his computer! Sam accidentally crashed with a fan. Same case happened with Rakesh, involving a pair of sunglasses and conjunctivitis and chairs. Santosh, the network guy, connected the printer cable wrong and told everyone about the said demise of our very loving and always-ready-to-print DeskJet. Rahul came just switched the pin and YO! it was alright. Same case with broadband, we complained to BSNL about non-functioning of their service. They even sent a lineman to check everything. Can you guess what was the fault? The cable was not attached to the modem.

I am totally convinced that this office is not just a normal office, but also a very different one. A Chutkula Office. 

A Day Will Come

A day will come,
when none of us will be here.
The world will go its own way,
Apart of near and dear.

A day will come,
when no one know our name.
The stage will remain the same,
New players will play this game.

A day will come,
when friends will be gone.
To take the lead and fame,
everyone will be on.

A day will come,
I and you never see the sunshine.

Come have the moments,
one day there will be nothing yours,
nothing mine.