Before The Storm Comes


Mujju is a 17-year-old lad, born and brought up in a terrorist camp in Kashmir. Unknown to the real world and the bright side of life laid his teen life in the training camp getting trained for explosives.

When Mujju was sent to Mumbai to execute his first mission to explode the Gateway of India, he entered a whole new world, which was completely alien to him. Now, accompanied by two of his colleagues, Mujju reside in a suburb in Mumbai, waiting for the green signal from the high command to execute their plans.

In the due course, he meets Ani, a girl-next-door and does what was forbidden for him, he laughs, makes friends and he falls in love. Ani teaches him to home, to believe, to laugh, to love and to be loved.

Mujju learns that he can make people laugh and it doesn’t hurt. He discovers about his ability to bring smiles on people’s face.

Now, it’s his decision to choose either the life, which the past has given him, or to go with the brighter side of life.

Before the storm comes….

Production Notes:

The short film will be shot entirely in Mumbai city on 4 different locations:

1.      Dadar Terminal: 1 Scene
2.      Marin Drive: 2 Scenes
3.      Gateway of India: 2 Scenes
4.      Apartment in Mahalaxmi: 8 Scenes

There will be 5 characters in the film:

1.      Mujju: 17 years, thin, wears glasses, silent, long face.
2.      Ani: 17 years, fit, a city girl who loves to hang out and junk food, loves making friends, very upset from family front.
3.      Khalid– Mujju’s colleague
4.      Faizan- Mujju’s colleague
5.      Amar Dande- Ani’s Brother: 24, a cop, very aggressive, stubborn.



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