April 05, 2006

My office is all set to relocate to another place in the city. People say the new office is much smaller in size than we have now. Phone lines are disconnected. Sameer, my boss is busy making arrangements with our HR for the shifting. In the absense of Sameer, Jitendra bhai has taken the charge and he is playing so hyper that it has become quite irritatingly funny for me.

I was too stressed out last night. I think I am rushing too fast. How can I be slow in chasing my dreams? I am going to meet a Marathi movie director in lunchtime today. I hope he can help in providing some basic tips about reaching producers or I’d like to ask him if want another assistent director?

Bee Season” is a movie from Regency Pictures and Fox Searchlight Pictures, starring Richard Gere. I watched the trailer online on the website and I think the film sure has something to offer. Will wait for the DVD, since there is no sense waiting  on a false hope to see these kind of films in a theater in India. Same happened with Little Manhattan.


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