After the meeting

I am just here after the meeting with the Directer Mr. Dhandekar. I dont know how but I think, he is kind of a looser guy. He made 3 films which never released and he is now working as a makeshift director for a film called ‘Sant Basheswar’ after 2 directors stepped out. If I go by the experiance, I think the guy knows things well…. or I must say he has the experiance to make a film.

There at his hotel room, Bala  Saheb, old man who used to do property broking and teach music to kids or whatever was there and claimed to be the assistent (sorry… associate) director on board.

Bloody looser.

He suggested me to give ‘Sitolia’ to Dhandekar to direct and I’d work as an assistant. HOW DARE HE SUGGEST ME TO GIVE AWAY MY SITOLIA?

Now after reaching office back… Jitendra bhai (makeshift boss, as Sam is busy) is creating a scene. Trying to rush at everyone. I hate it. Can he keep his cool and make the process a bit mutual, so he can get support and respect all at once?

I think happens sometimes when a person suddenly gets a responsibility he starts thinking like a boss. Attitude, ego and all that rubbish comes free. I think he should keep his feet grounded like Sameer has. Sam is a great boss.


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