April 06, 2006

Amar came last night. He said there is a shoot early in the morning. So I wakeup at 5:30 and was on the sets at 6:00. Shoot started at 8:00. Everyone just wanted to finish the film. Producer was wandering and shouting all over the place. Director was doing next to nothing. No assistents to anyone. Very low budget and things were heywire.

‘Mahatma Bashweshwar’ was the film and they were shooting a scene where an elephent is crushing  4 people to death on King’s orders.

The elephent was the same who wanders everywhere in the city. I usually see it everyday.

The poor soul, very badly treated and very dirty. No permission from PETA or any animal walfare organization. It is not a fault of Makers, they dont have funds. But what about the care taker of the elephent. Govt. should send the animal to zoo or some wild life park. It was trying to come near with everyone around with it’s trunk and everyone was so afraid of her.

Yes, ‘Her’. It was a female.

After the shoot of the elephent scene, everyone asked me to come to there next set, which was some 30 K.M. from Pune, Saswad. I refused to go with them since I have to my office at 10:00. It was a good experiance. If films are made this way, than my plannings are too systematic and well managed.


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