April 13, 2006

After a long break of a week,got the Internet on my PC that we shifted in our new office and will be shifting office again next week.

On Friday I came early to office as shifting was scheduled in the evening.
The weekend was so pack already. I waited for Amar all Friday evening and by the time he came it was 9:00.

Well… the meeting with producer happened only on the Saturday afternoon and what he said was like this,’ Only Govinda’s films are watched by everyone in the country. South Indian films are the best. No One, I repeat, No one in cities has time to watch movies. People in small towns and villages only watch masala films. Sitoliya is a children’s film and children don’t go to movies in small towns. Cities are already out of theaters. So… NO’.

He was a real man with attitude and asked me to don’t take his words harsh as I have done a lot of hard work on my script. Then he passed his condolences about the demise of my first feature film on box office. Forget it…. I was not expecting him to look as a hypnotized monkey jumping on the sticks flicker.

Sunday was a fun day. I went to MG Road and brought a Mouser (a kind of pistol) from Toy World. It has lesser attached to it for better target and strike.

Monday was a kind of joke and the joke is continuing till today. Our new office is a disaster. We cannot even fit in there. The toilet is common. And not only for us, but the whole floor’s offices use the same and the only way go there is just from the middle of our office. So another shifting is in pipeline.

I took an off yesterday to make some arrangements for the computer I am hiring on rent for a few months to write all the scripts. Electrician, Table, room rearrangement. OOOF…. that was a heavy day. See… what happens today, as my PC was not working last night. I am hoping to get it working today.



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