April 19, 2006

Chutkula Office is all over this week. Our HR cried all over the office for 15 long minutes yesterday. She was crying and I was telling her not to cry. (Grrrr…)

Increments are impossible this time as office setup is the first priority. People are so lazy that they haven’t yet filled their Appraisal Sheets that they got a month back. After they fill the sheets, Sam will review it and send to Jay for more review and than a discussion will be there and a one on one meeting and than oh-my-god-lots-of-stuff and than they will decide how much raise we have got in our salary (15-20% I guess!).

Incidents are happening everyday like, when Kaushal’s machine was not responding he restarted Menaka’s machine with soft hands. He said he was unable to decide upon which was his computer! Sam accidentally crashed with a fan. Same case happened with Rakesh, involving a pair of sunglasses and conjunctivitis and chairs. Santosh, the network guy, connected the printer cable wrong and told everyone about the said demise of our very loving and always-ready-to-print DeskJet. Rahul came just switched the pin and YO! it was alright. Same case with broadband, we complained to BSNL about non-functioning of their service. They even sent a lineman to check everything. Can you guess what was the fault? The cable was not attached to the modem.

I am totally convinced that this office is not just a normal office, but also a very different one. A Chutkula Office. 


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