April 25, 2006

First day at the new office was fun. The new office is good and very spacious. People are sitting so far from each other that no one can rattle to them all time. My computer is places in the center now but in a couple of days it will be at some place with more privacy.

We had lunch at Kimaya, a very expensive and not so good restaurant near the office. The bill was on Revati. She thinks everybody co-operated with the office shifting issue.

I Got some work to do but I think I a discussion is required. Sam is busy with the firewall issue. Snatosh, the CMS admin, poor guy messed it up again. The whole AS-400 team is waiting for it. Their day is gone waste.

My weekend was good. I watched a lot of movies and did some fabulous things.

First on Thursday, I watched ‘Cheaper By The Dozen 2’, it was a fantastic family comedy.

On Friday night I watched ‘Pyare Mohan’, a good comedy. It was a nice comedy and after a long time I visited Inox with this film.

Saturday began with ‘Ice Age 2 – The Melt Down’, it was a film I was waiting for a long time. It was fun, watching Sid again. He is quite a character. Good animation and a lovely film.

I finished the script of ‘Before the storm comes’ for 24×7 Making Movies competition. I worked from 6 PM form the evening till 3 AM in the morning. The script is finished and I did some experiment with the ‘voice over’ technique for the first time.

I am still in search for a DV cam. Oh god, when am I get a camera for real to shoot all my ideas down. I am very much hopeful for the 24×7 thing. It could be my platform in the Bollywood. Hopes are on stake, again.

On Monday evening I was feeling so relaxed that I just wanted to sleep. But you know, sometimes your best plans never come to implementation. I was up till 2 in the morning.

To kill the time, I watched ‘Les Miserable’, which I think was a beautiful film and after a heavy line up of comedies, it was a fabulous change.

Tuesday was a regular day at office. No Internet and nothing important to do.


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