April 26, 2006

Oh I am so HAPPY.

I downloaded the whole film…’Little Manhattan’!!!!

And watched it just now!

It was awsome.

Hey guys, a word of advice. Do not miss it. It is one of the cutest films you have ever seen. It’s mesmerising. Oh! I want to be in love again.

Thanks to Devil Board and all the devils there for responding on my request. Thankyou guys for uploading it for me. I would have never seen it if you guys were not there.

Now a new quest begings for the music score of the film… Love Grows, Where My Rosemary Goes and Nobody Knows, Like Me… Ohh… Thats the tune… still haunting my thoughts.

Well… I am so happy that I’ll see the movie again tonight and on the weekend and on Monday and many more times to come and many years to come and times and times. It was just perfect. Ahh…

Thanks to 20th Century Fox and Regency Pictures  for making such film. The direction is awsome. Script just perfect.

It was romantic comedy of the year for me.


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