April 28, 2006

Okey! Here is the description of last night. We all went to watch ‘Darna Zaroori Hai’ from our office at Inox. It was a not-so-bad to good film and we all had good time. It was more of an experiment than a feature film. Sam dropped me at home at 2 AM.

Do you understand the meaning of ‘Weird‘?


I am having a day which can be described as One Wired Day Out. Oh what on earth is that? In morning I wokeup so lazy, without the proper sleep. There was no money in my pocket on the tea stall. I grabbed 500 bucks from my savings and went to have some breakfast before heading for office.

At the restaurent I got a call on my mobile from a Mr. Ramchandran from Chennai. I think he called me after my mail to the Yahoo! group. He was claiming to be an producer and director for American Television. He said you should understand the seriousness of the business of film making. I think his intentions were good. But you know… a lazy morning and a call from a stranger from more than 2000 miles away.

When I was round the corner, traffic police constables stopped me and snached all the money I had in my pocket i.e. 500 bucks. I use the word snatch because I think Policemen are the biggest thieves in the country. Even he did not gave me a receipt of the amount he pocketed.

Oh my sweet of sweat, oh my 500 bucks.

That policeman is going to die tonight. That’s my curse.

Police in India are like that. They don’t listen.

And to add more,
Here in office we got some Good-Weird food as well.

Apart from all these chaos in my life today Jagdeesh got the offer letter from HSBC. A whooping 3.25 Per Annum is the offer. I must say that is a perfect offer for him. He said dreams come true, and I said, ofcourse they do.

Oh he is a happy man today. I composed his resignation letter for him as I am considered an experianced guy in the things like that.

I am going to Konkan (Dive-agar) once again tonight. Atrey and Anand had planned this out. I don’t know what are the details but we are leaving for the region tonight and that is it.

Again Sun,Sea and Send. I don’t know how it like to be on the beach in mid summer tropical afternoon! It is going to be hot and humid but the see water is going to wash everything away.

So here I am today.


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