May 02, 2006

I am back in the office today. The weekend, as I stated for the Friday, was wired at it’s best.

On Friday night, Sushil picked me at 1:00 Am in the morning but we started our journey at 3:00 Am. We were lost on the Expressway and finally reached our destination after traveling an additional 100-Miles. I was up all night, so as soon as we reached there I just wanted to go to the beach before going to sleep.

But as I said wired, our car got struck in the sand on the beach and it took us 2 hours to get it out. Finally, some sea water, some extremely delicious local Konkan food, 2 hours sleep, a beautiful sunset on the go, a lot of flirting and we were on our way back home.

In the way there is a section of road, which is considered as a dangerous as the tribes, do loots in that area. We were in the mood to cross that part as soon as possible but guess what, we got a flat tier right in the middle of the zone. It was a lone place, no traffic, while girls inside the car, boys almost falling on the road in sleep, it was so unique experience that I thanked god for keeping us from evil.

I reached home at 5 O’clock, Sunday morning and slept till 3:00 PM. When Amar came I realized that some time back I scheduled this day as my shooting day for the short film.

I called Amit J&K and he refused to be able to participate in the shoot, so than I called Atrey and he accepted my request.

We gathered at 10:00 in the night at my place and went ahead for the shoot at 11:00 PM at M.G. Road. It was not a welcoming place for us as the lights were too dim. Though I added some special effects for brightness at the editing table but still it was lacking in the sharpness. I think some how the camera was responsible for the dark output. I used Shaji’s Fuji made digital camera, which has the primary function of a 5-mega pixel still camera. We all were back home at 1:30 Am.

Next morning everybody came at my place at 11:30 and we shot some key scenes. Anjali, who was playing the female lead was late and arrived at 1:00 with an excuse of going to office at 2:00.

Ah… I had suffered dates problem for the first time in my projects and it was not a good experience. I am now waiting for Atrey’s decision of when he want to take a half day from his work as Anjali can work only till 2:00 as her job is not allowing him to do anything else at all. Only five scenes are required to finish my film.

Last night I decided to leave my worries behind and I went out to watch ‘Gangster’ and oh my, it was a mighty film. A good script, good direction, over the top performances, only 8 characters to count and the directorial flaws that now I can see after directing 2 films. The movie was only 2 hours long.

In the night I tried my hand to edit the shots I had in my PC. Do you know that the outputs were good enough to show everyone? I see the spark in my direction. Acting from everyone shined in a few shots. I took no liability in editing and crisped it at all the most I could.

None if my actors actually seen the edited first raw draft yet. I am sure they will be happy. Dubbing is required in all the film and a few takes needs to re-shoot.

I got tickets to Indore. I am leaving on 5th of May and returning on 13th of May. It is going to be one crazy month and it has started already.

Be there for the ride. It is going to be fun.


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