May 12, 2006

It has been eight days since my last blog entry and trust me the life I had these days was an adventure of a life time and I am sure there is a lot to come from the stock of surprises.

To begin with, after my last entry on Thursday, I got this mail from Datamatics, Mumbai with a subject line of interesting opportunity for web designers. I just opened the mail without much enthusiasm and found that the opportunity was for onsite. I just responded with my CV. They replied immediately. I was like OK I’ll see because I had this bus to Indore next day that was a Friday.

On Friday I was in a hurry to finish all my work so I’ll be able to catch the bus on time and I was interrupted by a call from Datamatics. The first question they asked me was do I have a Passport and next was will I go onsite that is in Sweden. I said yeah I am interested and then they bombed. They asked me to join them on 15th and go onsite on 22nd. I thought I’d see when time will come and gave them my passport details. In office it was a funny day since it was Revati too who was planning a weeks leave and she was trying to finish the finalized salary structure for everybody after the increments. I left the office at 4:30 and reached the bus stop with Bhupendra who came along to drop me off. Revati called me when I was on the bus and told me that I got the salary hike by a mare 2300/-. She broke the news to me in a very happy fashion that I thought she is going to give me a hike of at least 5000 bucks. Then I got a call from Datamatics again. They wanted to take the Technical Interview that time and after listening the sound of bus decided to call me next day.

Saturday morning I reached Dhamnod and got lift in a truck to Maheshwar. I visited Urmila didi and Zavre Jijaji and Aayush took me to Narmada for a ling swim. I met Nilam too. All were very happy to see me. Then I visited Archana didi and Shailendra Jijaji. Devashish was in the mood of mischief. He got his Yagyopavit from Baba Valipur. Lucky chap Devashish, He got Baba himself to be his mentor. I reached the hotel where Hitesh bhai’s marriage was scheduled to take place. I met with everyone there and discussed about the Narmadiya Yahoo Group and told everyone about what this group is up to. Papa was there. He came by car and was very happy to see me perfect by health as I was a bit in pain when he last seen me. I told him about the opportunity I was getting with Datamatics. He was amused to listen everything I told him. The temperature was around 45 degrees there. By the evening we went to Khergone to attend the marriage of my second cousin Archan didi. The function was fantastic and all my relatives were on to search a match for me. They even showed me a couple of girls and I was interviewed by a lot of people. I got a call from Hemant from Datamatics in the evening time. It was my technical interview and I played my part with sheer brilliance. Papa told everyone about the Sweden thing. We spent the night at Pandharinath Mamaji. The family so loves that whenever I visit Khergone I must pay a visit to them.

On Sunday we were on our way back to Sanawad. We made a short stop to visit Vimal bhaiya. He was a guy I was looking after to meet. Bhabhi, Chutki, Bansi and Gudia were there (Maya Bhabhi, Shivani, Shivam and Vaidehi). They all asked me why Aarti is not with us and that poor little girl was there in Indore studying in her hostel in a season of marriages. We reached Sanawad in the afternoon and the town was boiling like anything. Noopur and Chotu were in the town. Nikhil came next morning from Mumbai and Noopur left for Indore. We discussed about his designing skills and I showed him the footage of ‘Before The Storm Comes’. He was very pleased to see that. Temperature was mounting each passing minute and my family decided to leave for Indore on the same day. When I was driving again I got the call from Datamatics guys. Another HR round and they asked me to come to Mumbai for a client interview. I asked the guy who called that if he can make alternate arrangements as I am on a holiday. He promised me to call back with plan B. We reached at Mausi’s home in night. Bhabhi, Pankaj Bhaiya’s wife’s God Bharai Ceremony was scheduled on the day after. I called Noopur if he can come and collect me so I can visit my college day place LIG and meet some more friends. Noopur came and I was at his room in the night. Amit, Lokendra, Dheeraj, Sonu and more people were there. We all went to Rajwada in the night and had some fresh fruit juice and Indori Paan. Man I missed Indore like anything and still do.

Next morning I visited my apartment and there I met Aarti. She was waiting for me for long. I left home and with Amit and Dheeraj went to Treasure Island. Boy…. That is the place… A Truly International Standard Mall and the biggest I have ever seen. While I was watching the movie at PVR at the mall I got a call again from Mumbai. Datamatics people were asking me to come to Mumbai for an interview, which is scheduled for 11:30 the next morning. It was almost 8:00 and I was unable to catch any bus or train by then, I took a big decision to fly.

It was my first flight and I too nervous to feel the butterflies in my stomach. It was only when the plane was on runway I realized that here is something going on for the first time in my life. Boy that was fun. I’ll post details in another blog. It was 11:30 in the night when I reached Mumbai. I took an auto and went to Ravi’s place in Boriwali. Ravi asked me the date of interview and I realized it was 10th and I already scheduled a call from Pooja on the same day. Damn.

Ravi came to wake me up next day and his friend dropped me at Andheri Station. The company was in SEEPZ SEZ. I reached at 10 and it was much before time. The client interview was fantastic. I got my offer letter and I filled the Visa form on the same time. I reached Pune in the morning at 4:30. One of my fish died.

Next day it was Xerox shop, Volvo, BEST, Auto, Company, Photo studio, BEST, Volvo and Pune again.

Next morning I found Vikky bhai injured with color bone fracture. I banged my head on the wall. I reached office and had a small talk with Sam. He was happy with the opportunity I am getting. I called Amit and he came to my office for an interview to replace me. Sam agreed upon him and I resigned from my position.

I feel drowned. I asked Sam if he is going to miss me and he replied me was of course.

Oh My Gosh….


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