May 15, 2006

Saturday morning was a day of preparation. I, Jagdish and Amit were agreed upon throwing a party together as all of us got success with a big leap in our carriers.

I came to office with Amit to hand over all the work as I was responsible for the whole design things in my company. We went to Amit’s home in the afternoon and we had lunch there.

I than went to my room for the preparations of the night. The party was good and we were around 30 people there. A few did not came but a few were unexpected.

We went to bed only at 2:30 in the night.

On Sunday morning I was up at 7:00. I washed cloths first, got breakfast for Vicky bhai, went to canteen to meet Pawan, got some things from there, came to office again to continue the induction procedure and than met with Madhusudan at McDonalds at Inox.

I sold my TV to Manoj bhai as he is going to shift in my room as I am going to quit that too. Than me and Manoj Bhai went to Pyramid to buy some cloths and I got 2 pairs of cloths.

Busy is written on the sky….


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