May 17, 2006

Yesterday was my last day at Focus. I handed over all the responsibilities to Amit and Revati gave me my reliveing letter. I think it was cool exiting from a company while bidding goodbyes to everyone.

It was a rush at the home back. Anand arranged for some pettycash for me to carry because I already spent around 15,ooo/- bucks in 5 days for the packings. I asked Yogesh to drop me to Mumbai and he agreed.

I up till  1 AM and at that time everyone was up to have a last late night chat together.

In the morning Yogesh came home with Amit at 5 AM. Amit, Jagdish and Hissam came to drop me and Yogesh at the bus stand. I reached Mumbai at 10:00 and went straight to the company’s guest house which is a well furnished 2 bedroom apartment with fridge, TV and washing machine installed in it. I joined here in Datamatics and am sitting on another guys machine while the Network guy here gets my PC done. Rest in Peace.

Mujhe neend aa rahi hai….


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