May 22, 2006

Now that I have spent around 5 days in this city of Mumbai, I think I have got enough time to think about a lot of things without disturbance. I am almost as good as alone. Friends are far away. Today I was supposed to be on board for the flight to Sweden. People are still joining and their passports are still needed to send at the Swedish embassy for visa stamping.

I have no work to do here. Just now Ulhas called. I am reporting to him. I just told him the same thing about what is I doing. He told me to wait for his another call as he is going to explain me the work plan, as on which we will execute the events in the future. I hope he describes when we will be on board. Before that everyone wants to be assure of the new country, their culture and working conditions. The homework is the key to win hearts of the clients. I am sure we will be at our best while working in Sweden. Jasjit suggested me to try out Google for the study purpose in the free time that we are having.

I went to meet Nikhil on Saturday. We spent some time at Marine Drive and The Gateway of India and then went to his apartment in Mahalaxami for the night stay. In the morning we had lunch at the Jain Hostel in Alphenstine Station with Abhishek Gaoshinde bhai. The food was superb.

I met Kapila that evening and realized that things are changed now. She just moved on with all the things, friends, time and all the memories. She was there but not with me anymore. She is changed. I thought I was the one who keep suggesting everyone to move on from things but she was a sure winner from them all. She gave me the complex that I was the one who left behind. Kapila is leading an all-new life with her new friends, new job, new qualification and that too in the new city. She will sure leave everything in a couple of years to start a new phase of life altogether. She moved from Lakhnau to Anand to Cdac, Indore to MAPRM at DAVV to Mumbai. Leaving all the relations behind she looked happy to me. She looked like a complete new person to me.

One thing that hurt me most was the list of friends Kapila suggested as the friends who are now a thing of past for her. I may be reacting a bit too much on the matter but she is gone. She is gone forever. Gone is the girl that was one of the closest friends of mine once upon a time. I was proud of having a friend like her. We shared a team and she just lists me as one guy she done here multimedia course with and did some stupid thing as opening a failed business with. Kapila you hurt me.


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