May 23, 2006

Actually I am starting to get frustraited about this Sweden thing.  First they said it is going to be on 22nd May, than it was 27th May and now it seems like going forever to June’s first weekend that is some 3rd or 4th.

Now, the question arrives that why am I frustrating my self? The answer to this question arrives in the shape of workers. People are not joining as fast as they are supposed to. If people join late, visa will come late and just because of a few people the team will be late.

Let me tell you the three things why I joined Datamatics:

1. CMMi-5 Level Company.
2. Sweden.
3. Senior Position.

And here comes three points which are just popping in my mind and dragging me into the negetive direction:

1. Mumbai, The Climate.
2. I am a bankrupt.
3. No friends YET.

It is nothing like I am regreting over my decesion but I am just hoping to fly as soon as possible. Till the plane moves on runway I am in a really uneasy mindset.

I had this team one on one meet with Ulhas this morning and he told me there are going to be 3 people at my level that is AOH-Senior. I am the one and 2 others will be coming.  There will be 5 more people working under me as juniors and approximate size of the whole Cybercom-Datamatics team will be 50 as persent set of requirements.

I am alone here in this city. I am just hoping for a miracle to happen. I need some friends and I want to fly ASAP. Fingures crossed and touchwood.

Thank you god. You gave me luck, support, strength, brains and confidance to reach at this level. I would have lost under these pressures without your guidance.

Please keep your blessings on meand my family forever. I need it.


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