May 25, 2006

Things now are pretty chilled out. Our documents from embassy are back and people saying that the visas are done. I think it is good if whatever they are saying is true. I am still trembling deep inside my heart. I am behaving like more of a looser these days. Where is the good old hyperactive Dushyant gone? It is just after the tragedy in December that I am unable to go with the same wilderness as I used to.

A more sense on maturity has taken a place inside my mind. I am not complaining but I think I am not old enough to loose my childhood. I am happy with that. I am young and want to rule the world.

Where is the Dushyant gone?

I think there is a battle going on deep inside my soul between the looser and the ruler. Dushyant who made people learn live and who had his shoulders soaked up with the tears of everyone is now falling behind.

I am not a looser.

Probably we are flying to Sweden on 27th or 3rd. As per company’s policy we can fly only on Saturdays. (Don’t ask what that means and why?)

Am I over reacting?


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