May 31, 2006

Nirav and Jasjit’s flights are confirmed. Nirav is flying tonight and Jasjit got tickets for Saturday late night. I think our visas are going to take effective from 5th of June and we will be flying on either 5th or 11th June. Project’s all work is pending and I think it is going to be quite a task for everyone here to match with the return deadlines.

We need to learn everything, get all the details and crystal clear view of what client want and how to do it. All the training sessions will be our real challange since it is going to be on another continent and in their understandings.

I am ready for it. Since C-DAC it is going to be the first time I’ll be working on any new tool with all it’s integrity. It will not be a problem since I am open to explore new horizones in my carrier.

All the friends are so happy that I can imagin how it would be like when I’ll return. The anxity is tearing off now but a party will be due for everyone in all the cities where my friends live. People are congratulating me since almost last one month.

Jagdish is not comming online, I have not seen Yahoo Messenger since last 20 days, no one is sending any good personal e-mails, Pooja is busy with her exams, on Orkut I have got some friends and everyone is asking the same question, WHEN ARE YOU FLYING?

I am relaxed and if I am not flying on 3rd or 4th, I’ll be going to Pune for the weekend.
Oh come on! Weekend is away, this is only Wednesday today.
I am chilling here.


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