June 29, 2006

Ah… I am too busy here..

I am trying hard to get some time to blog but finally I am not being able to manage at all. I get so tired in the night times that I just go to bed after having dinner. I think this week is a bit more hard. But not to worry as tomorrow is Friday and weekend is here!

I watched Krrish after downloading last week as no theater here plays Bollywood movies!

Rest is ok!


June 27, 2006

6:30 rainy and gloomy morning.

8:15 office.

8:30 official mails and responces.

12:00 lunch

12:45 back to work

3:00 more work

5:00 work and work

5:30 work

7:00 hotel

9:00 food

10:00 official call with project manager

11:30 call over

11:32 blog entry

11:35 gone to bed.

PS: Thanks friends!

Here I am posting this blog entry to thank all my friends for making all my blogging thing a success. Can you believe this, more than 1000 views of my blog? This is specially big thing for me as no one has enough time to even listen to what the others say and my friends do have much support for me to make my life going. Thanks friends.

Thank you all…!

Living on the edge…!

Do you know what is the meaning of Go-Wild? Exactly. I must be made doing all the things yesterday. Free Fall, Roller Coasters, Extreme ride, Haunted house, ghost ride and oh-my-god-what-was-that things I did here.

The automated cameras placed at the top of the Europe’s highest Free Fall here at ‘Grona-Lund’ in Stockholm took this photo posted here. Actually, I went at the top again to get a good close-up picture.

The parkland or Grona-Lund is an amusement park in the middle of Dujurgarden island of old town. The free fall is 110 Meter high and while falling free one feels a power of 3.5 G before handled by the machines. They take you up there slowly and give a marvelous aerial view of the city, get a camera and before you know it click picture, tilt the chairs at 30 degrees and drop you at the same time.

All the rides here take your pictures while you were inthe funniest situations where you do not wish to be seen. They display every picture taken at the exit of the ride.

Oh boy! That was fun. The chilliest moments of my life and here I learned what is the true meaning of adventure and thrill is. All things cost just SEK 240. SEK 60 is the entry fee and SEK 180 was for all the rides any number of times, provided you have the guts to do it again.

It completely shaked me. I was so tired after the rides that I slept till noon today. Here I come across the 2KG jumbo sized chocolets. All the kids won them in different competetions going on here.

The placed rocked and I tried almost all the rides but the regular ones, which can be found in the city fair of Sanawad. You must have noticed my ear-to-ear smile and the fear in my eyes, as it was my round number 2 at this for-all idiot’s ride.

Life is fun friends. It rocks and takes you places.


Live it.

The thinking cap and the thoughts of life

Is this the same path I always wanted to walk upon? I am not sure yet. Sitting here, in a land, which is 8000 K.M. away from my home soil, is it obvious to think about the life goals and unfulfilled dreams? I am trying not to think more about all these but the fact always remains the same that something, somewhere is driving my life over the speed limit. I always have scary thoughts of loosing everything and each time I decide to go back and pick up the life where I left it..

I know that sometimes, some how I am not being fair with my family and close friends. I am a rude and selfish to those who love me the most in this world. What should I do?

All my friends say that I’ll achieve my dreams but the path is still cloudy for me.

The jet speed life of mine has taken me places and during the Dec-Jan period of my life I realized how fast I was going. Now, I am learning to relax but the life is back on the jet plane. No turning around and just heading in the direction of one-way destiny. I feel alone sometimes. It is so hard to explain things to anyone and as I am a chatterbox and can have conversations with almost anyone but the inner feelings are now too hard to share.

I am having so many friends all around me but with each of them I share a different bond and a different wavelength. Thinking is not an issue but now I have to decide the way of my life. Though the waters of time and destiny are taking me to the best places but to live a happy life there should not be any place for self-doubt or broken dreams.

What should I do friends?

The Mid Summer Day Weekend…

So, Here comes another weekend in Sweden. This time around this is 23rd June and this is known as the longest day of the year. As for now I know that as sun is never goes beyond horizon, it remains just opposite in winters. Sweden has the highest ratio of suicides due to depression. Darkness is such a bad thing.

Ah…. back to the topic. So, here it is, A Mid Summer Day that means loads of fun.

Actually the fun was there for the natives only. All the people left for countryside and the streets were almost empty everywhere I have gone yesterday. This city already has very less population density as compared to India and from then on people left the city to celebrate the BIGESST festival of the year. Even the movie theaters were closed due to the festival. Now it was a really boring day out for me as I went to the National Museum here and that too was closed.

But one thing is sure. Though all the places were closed but I am really having a good feel of Europe and this country. I am wondering how will I handle the Mumbai climate?

Hello Life

Hi friends,

I am so happy today… 900+ visits to my blog! It seems all my friends are here with me and enjoing my life with fullest. I don’t have words to describe this feeling.

I am good, just was a bit tired yesterday but today is fine. Today is Kausha’s B’day and we all wished him all the day long. We got this another Indian restaurent called Indian Khushbu where the head chef and his team belongs to Mumbai. Johnny, the head chef knows how to cook Jain food and is a nice guy so he prepares something for Kaushal and gives a parcel for the night too. Add more to it as he gets chapaties also with the parcel.

He pays 75 SEK insted of 150 SEK as the calculations but the Desi Connections do some work. Same case with this store guy, his wife is from Kutch so we get SEK5 discount on each SEK100 calling card. Isn’t that great?

Today was a loaded day. Here my Project Manager is pulling legs of the team and another guy called Ashish is making things worst. I don’t know how people work but sending 5 mails in 5 min. to a single guy and keep asking questions and another 5 mails before getting replies is not management I suppose.

How you can estimate before knowing what should be estimated.

People just want to show their authority and this kind of behaviour makes things worst. I know I just have to follow orders but back home in India they will kill me if I missed anything here. I need a space to breath.

To your amusement, this guy even fixed my all the appointments before I knew it. That too non stop… one by one. I was exhausted all the day long and just wanted to get out. Though the day was tough but I think somewhat it was fun just running around people to catch the meetings and appointments.

These guys will ask us to go India on 15th as I guess now and that is a very short time to catch up with everything. I am migrating 4 peoples jobs and I am supposed to give training to people back in India. How will I give proper information to people if I did not had right or exact knowledge? They will have there questions to ask on the same.

Office garbage huh…?

Leave that friends… I am good and having rocking life outside the office though.

Have fun!

Ye jo des hai tera

The feeling of being an Indian can never be achieved by sitting in the country itself and thinking over it. Though the world outside is more beautiful and welcoming, attractive and charming, magical and spell binding but the home soil is incomparable with anything out here. The feeling I am having today is something that cannot be described in words.

I am not sad or not missing India too much but the point is you can never run from the Indian deep inside you wherever you go away from India. The corrupt, polluted and poor country. Yeah! That is my nation. Why don’t I do something to make India a beautiful place to live rather drooling over some place far from the heart of a nationalist? I am not saying some political garbage but just want to say why don’t we, all the youth of India make efforts in the right direction to make a beautiful nation of our own!

Today I woke up at 8:00 am. That is my office time. I was too late. I reached office alone as every one was already reached there before me. I got the official mail stating the time should be the first constraint to manage. Then a training session started and some more workload was shaded off me as I am not supposed to do some specific work as there is no solution to a few problems as I was banging my head on those since last 4 office days. After the training we all went to an Indian restaurant called ‘The Indian Curry House’. The restaurant is the owned by a Bangladeshi and all the waiters there are Pakistani. Isn’t that funny!

After lunch there was this meeting with the onsite project manager Per Pederson, my offsite project manager Ulhas Kulkarni and Ashish Ahuja. The meeting was good as I shaded some more work off me. Now it seems that work is getting lighter than it was while I started the process of handover.

Everyone was too busy in meetings and other workshops while I started for home from office. In the tube back to Nacrosen, I saw a girl and a boy, both not a day older than 13, were lip locked each other in the crowded train. The lovebirds. They seemed not bothered by anyone there and co passengers also not minded over the spree of wild kissing and hugging of very young teenagers in a train.

I am too tired today and do not want to be late again for office again.

So good night friends.