The crossroads…

Last Thursday night, I was unable to sleep till late. In my bed I was just thinking about the story of my life. Okey, I do accept that I am not that old to have a story of a life time. But the life has proved itself as a more speedy drive than I expected.

10 Years…

Last 10 years took  me to 2 continents, 3 countries, 6 cities, 4 schools, 1 college, 4 prominent jobs and 4 jobs which are now deleted from my resume.

The summer of 1996, when I just passed my grade 9 exams, I shifted with my Papa’s house in Barwani to finish my High School there. 1997, another school change but still with my Papa.

1998, came back to Sanawad with Mon and finished Higher secondary school. 1999, took admission in college in Indore to become a computer graduate and before finishing that got admission in a Multimedia school and became a web designer.

Got job, without salary. Quit.

No money.

Got job while paid once in two months.


Started teaching in a local school.


Papa helped.
2003, Started a business. Lost all the money.

Got a job. I worked there like a slave. Quit.

2004, Asked Papa for more money to start another business and he gave me 15k and with a promise that if I returned that in 6 months, he will sponser my new idea of business.

I came to Pune, got job, earned well, made job switch in 2005 and another in 2006 while shifting to Mumbai (Bomaby).

Now I have money but I am alone in this city of dreams. Damn! I wish to go back but here are my ambitions to stop me. I want to wander on the roads of my home town, I want to visit those mango trees again. I want to see the Train pass by the ground where I played cricket. 

I had friends in Sanawad, Barwani, Indore and Pune. Time gone and they lost in the crowd. I miss you guys, more than you imagine.

I am now flying to Sweden for unknown period. I am going far away from everyone.

Two years back when I cheerfully told a friend that I am going to Pune, she said, “Oh! Great. When are you coming back?” . That was a moment. I was completely blank.

I said,”I don’t know.”.

I was completely shocked by the truth that I was standing another crossroad with a decesion to leave the city which I loved.

Again after 2 years, last month when I shifted to Mumbai, I was well aware that I was ending another chapter with a firm choice.

10 years back, that was the same time when the dream to become a film maker was born deep inside my soul and now I am a mobile film maker and I do write a lot of scripts and stories but will I ever test success?

Here are a few questions without answers:

Will I ever go back to Pune?
Will I ever go back to Indore?
Will I ever go back to Sanawad?
Will I ever become a good film maker?

Will I ever touch the sky and live my dreams?

Life… tell me where are you leading me?


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