June 06, 2006

I never actually got any comment on my blog. These days, as I am free, I am just going through other people’s blogs and actually found some interesting people. There is this lady who wants to be something in life and has family and friends but life just takes her to new places with time. Here is another lady, who is just recovering from Cancer. Her hopes are down and she is depressed. She recollects everything and trying to fight back. And a funny blog of jokes and pictures is there. It is a full time pass item.

I am thinking about how it would be like after 10 years from now! PLEASE PUT YOUR SHOES DOWN! I am not starting the same cry of life story again!

10 years from now…

I don’t know!

Well.. I got this laptop from the office today and will blog from that from tomorrow.Image

Nikhil has asked me to visit him in the evening but I have to wash some cloths. Ashu and Bhupendra are also coming. Ashu is here from Indore and Bhupendra for Pune. They are visiting Mumbai to visit a marriage of a common friend.

I just love to attand marriages. All the 3 days functions, the Sangeet (Traditional Music), Mehendi, All the rituals, families and relatives and friends and all the food, perfumes and gifts, people visiting in their best outfits, children making friends, shouting old people, dancing people, the Dhol and Band, the procession and the horse everything.

I was thinking about Indian marriage Vs marriages accross the world and now I think the color and fun we have in 3 days of complete madness in Indian marriages is not present anywhere in the world.

My parents want me to get married as soon as I return from Sweden.

Yes! An arranged one! As 99% Indians do!

They want me to get married since last 2 years but they are still in search of a suitable girl. Let them search my life partner. Though I am only 23, but Ehhhh…. Leave the topic!


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