June 07, 2006

Another busy cyber cafe morning! Lots of mails and Orkut scraps. I am wondering that how it would be like in a week or so? I’ll be in Europe, sitting silently in a corner with my laptop, looking like a nerd, suppose to give the best solution to the client’s problems.

Hell… I’ll have no time for interneting! No! I’ll manage to get atleast 10 min. time to make a blog entry!

Oh! what am I thinking? Am I an Idiot or what?

I don’t know… Actually 80% of my team is already left for Sweden and rest of us will be travelling this weekend. The team there is not responding properly. A kind of communication gap has been developed so I am worried about the access to the internet there.

Smita was online today on Chikka. We chatted till long. Smita is my high school friend and now she works in some ad company in Indore. We are like buddies since school days. It’s nice to be in touch with her after all these years.

On the other hand, there is Vishal, my middle school friend, who is planning a middle school get together for our batch. It’s funny though… but I’d love to join him in his madness. I become so touchy at times. Image

Let me recount all of my middle school friends… Priyank Sharma, Sapan Jain, Mausam Jain, Piyush Jain, Namita Lathiya, Vinita Jain, Sachin Janchpre, Sachin Kulkarni, Shailendra Sohani, Mohd. Jia, Vishal Soni, Narayan Patel, Kamal, Lovendra Powar, Ritesh B Shukla, Ritesh M Shukla, Shakti Jaiswal, Shalu Mantri, Neha Patni, Deepali Khede, Pankaj Jaiswal, Lokesh Jaiswal, Neeta Sharma, Farida, Alefia, Nitin Choure, Mamta, Seema Patel, Mukesh, Sumit Tuteja, Rohit Pure, Abdul Kadir, Pratiksha Jain, Deepak Patel, Shweta Neema, Vikas, Vishwas Lahoti, ….. Thats it, I can’t think of any one else… there were more but I think I forgot.Image

The whole floor of my office here is empty as everybody is moved to another facility in order to expend our team. It is so scary at one go as there is space for 120 people and only 4 of us are sitting here in the middle.

It stopped raining since Monday here in Mumbai and the city returned to it’s own hot and humid self. Now it’s just a matter of 3-4 days and I’ll be in cool Europe.


PS: Add Nilesh Panchal, Nilesh Solanki and Vijay Karahe to the list.


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