June 08, 2006


They blocked every website here! No Yahoo mail! No Google! No Orkut! I am gonna die here!


Everything is so wicked going on here. I just want to make sure that I can manage to get this 360 page. Guys here is another request. Please comment on my pages. You can comment in the end of each blog. It is the same as scraping on orkut. I will not be able to send anyone any mails anymore.

This morning is so idiotic. Today we got this mail from Jasjit from Sweden. She says there is no internet access whatsoever there. She just got net for 5 min. so in that she drafted that mail to us. I think it’s the one big crazy idea to send people of one team in three different locations of the glob and don’t let them communicate and expecting them to finish the project within the deadline.


Software Industry is growing buddies and no one  has time to think about all this crap.

See ya…


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