Night on June 07, 2006

7:15 PM

Finally, I am sitting at the guesthouse and washing my cloths finally before packing for the last time. It’s good to have laptop here otherwise nothing else to do. You can guess my exact condition as I am free at office and same case of nothing to do is at home also.

I was searching through Euro rail routs and found some very interesting information. Being under 26 years old I am eligible to get the Euro rail’s young traveler’s pass that will take me to 4 countries in rail in just $300. The validity will be 2 months and Total 6 days of travel will be given in the pass. I was searching that with Subira. She is so keen to visit as many places as she can in the visit. Apart from her there is Nirav, but he is already in Sweden so he might have visited some of the good places already. Abhijit is there to give me the male company and I think it would be great to travel around the Scandivia and keep rattling in Hindi. Lol.

8:30 PM

I am done with cloths. Washing machine really makes things easy. I am going to buy one soon after returning from Sweden. Washing cloths was never been on my favorites list. It gives me backache, color of cloths gets mixed up and I even lost a couple of good shirts on mine to the color misshape. The biggest problem is that I am so lazy to wash cloths that whenever it comes to washing cloths, it comes only when I have nothing to wear the next morning. I am waiting for food to come. I think it would be great to sleep early. I am trying to catch a good eight hours sleep but some how it is missing.

I don’t know how the sleeping schedule will be like in Stockholm. I am sure it is going to match my late sleeping hours and late morning hours perfectly if I gone by Indian standard time zone.

If we compare that with Indian time it is going to be like I have to go to office at 12:30 in the afternoon till 09:30 in the night. If I slept at 12:00 midnight, I’ll be having a good night’s sleep as well. See… I love sleeping.

9:00 PM

Food has not come yet! I am starving.

9:15 PM

I got the Tiffin.

9:30 PM

I just finished my dinner. There was a promo of a Bhojpuri film on ETC. It was named ‘Ravi Kisan’ and if you know Ravi Kishan is the super star of Bhojpuri films. This title surely makes a powerful statement about his status in the regional films.

Now days you can see Ravi Kishan’s photos on page 3 with all the A grade stars of Bollywood.

Apart from movies, there is an album from Band of Boys has just come out but has some slow tracks or item numbers. Can these boys from band deliver something like Brian Adams or BSB or Boyzone? I am waiting for this kind of Hindi band since long. Whenever you get some good music, the lyric comes from the dumbest writers.

The real good Indian Pop artists are Shaan, Euphoria and now days Himesh Reshamia is casting the spell across the nation. Love him or hate him, he is all around. He has given 28 hits in last 6 months. Now that’s a record to remember and hey… he is still rolling his music out. Expect for more Reshamiaish music.

On the other hand we have Kailash Kher with his band Kailasa, and believe me guys these guys know what they are doing. Watch out for ‘Tauba Tauba’ song since it is currently on air after the hit ‘Teri Deewani’.

I do like the song ‘Let the music play’ very much these days. Though this song comes only in the small promos on TV but it looks good with Nokia ad and passing by cars. I am going to buy the album ‘Frictions 2’.

10:00 PM

That’s it. I am going for a small walk down in the colony and will try to sleep early as a plan of action.

Good night.


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