Night of June 8th 2006

Do you wish to laugh? Here I am telling you the truth about all the ‘BIG SHOT’ Software Engineers visiting onsite. I also got the opportunity as half the nation knows about it by now, I better come to the point. When everyone came to know that I am going onsite, everyone who had experience (or they thought they have), gave their invaluable (and some worthless) advices from all around. I got some crazy ideas like I should carry some cooking pans, some blankets, many shaving razors, a complete first aid kit and so on everything just to save some bucks from the daily allowance I am getting from the company whenever I return to India.

Here after joining the mad world, I did a lot of packing and repacking. I am putting here everything in a list for any future reference and we all will come to know that what were the crazy suggestions that I followed.

  • 6 Packs of Maggi Soup makers.
  • 8×4 packs of Maggi Noodles. (3 Masala, 3 vegetables Atta, 2 Sambhar Masala)
  • 2 ready to cook vegetables, which will go to 6 servings.
  • Tea powder and tea masala.
  • All the Indian masalas in small packs to prepare some curry with.
  • Rice 2 K.G. and Daal 1 K.G.
  • All the toiletries like soap, shampoo, deos, hair oil, comb etc.
  • A good shaving kit without the scissors.
  • A 1.5 Liter pressure cooker from Hawkins.
  • An umbrella
  • A laptop from company
  • And blah blah blah…

Oh my god!

I went to Juhu Beach today after office with Abhijit. It was good but the Sweden thoughts were all around me. Tomorrow we are going to get all the related documents from office and the list is like Passport, Visa, Tickets, Invitation letter, Travel plan, some Euros, some Kronor, etc.

My family is going to come here in Mumbai to see me off. Apart from them Gaurav and Nikhil will be there.

Today is Thursday and in the night I am just sitting in the guesthouse and writing this blog. I don’t know how I will survive the night tomorrow? I don’t know if my colleagues are feeling the same way or not. They are just acting cool and suggesting me not to think about that now. They are behaving like it’s so natural and regular thing for them to travel abroad.

I tell the truth. Yes! I am so much exited and very curious about the new continent and new countries. I am so eager to meet people I have never seen before. I am so looking forward to make new friends and visit new places. Ok! I confess here that the apartment we are going to live in is really cool as it appears on website and I am so desperate to step in. Hey people! Now please stop laughing.

Here are a few things I am not so cool with are:

  1. No beach around. (Grrrr……)
  2. Vegetarian traditional food will be hard to find. (I have to cook!)
  3. So less money. (Oh!)
  4. So less time. (NO!)
  5. The weather might be turning from summer to rainy there. (Oops)
  6. No Internet connection. (S**t!)

Oh my god again.

Ok buddy. Everything will be fine. Just cool down and have some rest. Tomorrow will be a new day and the weekend will be a new life. Just flow with the waters. Hey friends, am I over reacting?

I think so but can’t help it.

Good Night for now!


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