From Copenhagen Airport

I reached Mumbai International Airport at 9:00 PM. With Mummy, Papa, Jhavre Jijaji, Aarti, Gaurav and Nikhil. Everyone was so sentimental and happy about my trip to Europe. I am sure my family and friends do have proud on me as I proved my self as no other big mouth just telling stories of success. I am happy.

Here I am sitting at the Copenhagen Airport, waiting for my flight to Stockholm, Sweden. Nothing much to do here as my fellow travelers are sleeping in the lounge and I have already wandered all the duty free shops and restaurants. I just had a Breezer and checked the gate number of our flight that still has not arrived on the board.

We reached at the Vienna International Airport at 4:30 AM local time, which was almost one hour early than scheduled. We just roamed around and tried to have a taste of Europe. The weather here is as cold as winter in Indore or same as Delhi in December. Actually I till now I am on the Airport only and never got a proper chance to go out and get the exact look and feel of the continent.

The first thing I noticed here is the smell of the world out here. It is like a world soaked in a bottle of light fragranced perfume and it is so addictive that it almost drags you to it’s inner self. The other thing here is the beautiful people. All the kids are so cute that you can forward everyone’s picture as your mail attachment of sweet kids. Things here are not so cheap.

My first flight on the trip, which was from Mumbai to Vienna, was 8 hours long and I hardly got sleep. In the next flight from Vienna to Copenhagen I slept for a few minutes until my fellow passenger ladies woke me up with a funny line saying I snore.

In Copenhagen we are just chilling out and I am wondering at the miracle of god that he made such beautiful world. People do have their own lives far from each other in the different corners of the world. They meet at the terminals and share a few words of communication. The world is a big place. People all around have their own stories to tell and share their thoughts about the life they have.

Life is so beautiful.

Live it friends.


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