From Stockholm

Europe is a place to live in. This is a continent in the world where is no pollution, less people and most of all most beautiful people.

I am so happy to be here and missing every one of my friends.

I reached here yesterday at 8:00 PM. Sun never sets here. It is so hard to sleep in the sunlight that I have to close all the curtains and try to catch sleep. This practice is not tearing the jetlag off me. I bought some bread, butter and orange juice from a local super market, which sells some bread that looks like tanduri roti.

I got the transportation pass from office today. Now I can travel the entire city in the public transport for free. Here People do not speak English. The language is Swedish and Finnish. All the signs and locals are the same as we have seen in the movie DDLJ.

I got broadband wi-fi connectivity at hotel and it works at ’54 MBPS’. YES! You got it right. It downloads anything in just seconds. I want to chat with everyone but by the time I reach hotel it gets almost 10:00 PM in India. I am sitting here at the 9th Floor of my hotel having a panoramic view of the city and it feels really great to blog from here. I think it is already late because it’s 11:00 PM here and I have to go to office at 7:00AM in the morning as they are having a day-light saving thing going on here in which they adjust their clocks one hour earlier than the real time.

I’ll leave my office at 5:00 PM and will reach hotel by 6:00 PM.

I visited Orkut and got a lot of messages from all of my friends and it feels great that they do care of whatever I do. I am cool. Life is beautiful. Office colleagues are helpful and greet us no matter if we know them or not.

There are a few Indians can be seen here and there and they just smile and pass by. In my hotel also there are a few Indians staying and the reason is the same and that is software.

Raunak, a colleague of mine got a special comment from someone from office here that, you are cheaper than the cost to get you here.

Isn’t that funny!

I was assigned here to Dominic. He asked me a whole lot of questions about India and I described him about the Secular Nation called India and he was so impressed. I mentioned him about the secularism because he was trying to explain me that he is a catholic and there is another branches in Christianity. HaHa!

And he asked me when since I am a Hindu? hehehehe…

As people here do convert to Buddhism more often here. He told me that do we have Buddha people back home and I said Lord Gautam Buddha were born in India.

He said… “I better zip my mouth as you know more than me about the other beliefs as you study all the religions in school in India.”.

Hmmm… That was a compliment.

I guess!



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