A Sweden Side Story…!

Okay friends! Here after a long break I am back with a big blog. Most of you were asking me so many things about Sweden and I was replying to everyone individually without engaging myself into small details. Here is a try to tell you what exactly Europe is all about.

Well…. I wake up at 6:00 AM and directly connect my laptop computer to the network. Here in my hotel which is called Accome Solna, they have provided Wi-Fi internet access for free and unlimited and at a unimaginable (for India of course) speed of 54 MBPS and while downloading something from the net, files come at more than 1 MBPS so it looks like almost copying something from the local network.

Yeah back to track… I make some toast or heat rice in Microwave that I cooked the night before. Get the toasts and sit with laptop to catch a few friends who use the net access of their offices for some good reason.

I pack everything and after taking bath and reach at the reception of the hotel and with all my colleagues I go to Nacrosen station to catch a subway train to Raodhuset. We reach office close to 8:00 and just connect all the laptops and run towards the coffee dispenser machine to get a coffee from 20 available options including cappuccino, Mocha etc. or at the fridge to get some cold drink. We can drink as many coffee or colas here in office and we can eat as many fruits too. Here is a fruit, which I have never seen in India and it tastes close to ‘Chiku’ and it looks like a ‘Guava’. A lot of sweets are also placed in different corners of the office and we are supposed to pay SEK 5 for each of them. SEK means Swedish Kronor.

People in office are cool and they keep cracking jokes at each other. Though English is not their primary language for most of people but they speak it quite good. They understand what we say and even laugh at our jokes. There are no cubicles here. People work on desks. If someone is tired and want to get up from chair, the hydraulic tables can be adjusted by just pressing a button on the side to work while standing at the same place. Everyone carries their Palmtop Computes from home and here they connect those with big Phillips plasma monitors.

The rule of work is like people can work from home and can go home if have no work to do. There is no issue of completing 40 hours in a week. People usually reach at 9 and most of them leave by 4:30. They are so funny. Today, Dominic was running in the office with Brazilian flag in hand and 2 German supporters were trying to stop him. This joke was on all day as Dominic hanged the BIG flag just beside his chair. I have seen a few new gadgets like a piece of rod fixed in some position against the keyboard and it works as a mouse.

At 12 noon, people start to move on for lunch and we all go to some restaurant in search of some vegetarian food. Though there are not many dishes available in local eateries but we can get the food we want. There is an restaurant near our office which is run by a Bangladeshi is called ‘The Indisk’. It is so good to see as posters of Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra and Mahatma Gandhi share a same wall in there.

The people here seem too keen to know more about India. I met some Singapore people, one Irani whose wife is from Kutch, Gujrat, A couple of Indians in subway and an Indian Aunty from Delhi with her BHKMB girl in the super market called Coop.

We return at our desks at about 1 O’clock and restart the process of figuring out what on earth we are suppose to do here? We remain in the same loop till 5:00 and we start for the office for hotel. After reaching hotel we decide what to eat and I am the only cook available around for a few guys of my same age in the team so I become the boss for the evening supper. They prepare in ways like cutting onions and other vegetables and do the dishes and even buy the required eatables and I just cook them. Indian Style!

We go to the terrace of the hotel or for a walk or at some new station nearby to have a look around and return at the place here to sleep early but I am kind of not able to sleep on this feather bed because sun remains always out and it never feels like night. Winds here are so chilly but inside the rooms it remains hot. Unfortunately I have not seen a popular thing of India called a ‘Fan’ yet. They don’t have a concept like that here I think. All the electric switches here are big and works as the other way round. Off means on and on means off, if compared to the switches we have back home in India.

People are so helpful and shy here but always say hi to you if by any chance you look at each other at same time. Even 2 girls and 1 BHKMB did the same the other day while we were returning from office. Kids always can be seen doing skateboarding all around. Football is the taste of the season. I saw a couple of rabbits in the garden right in front of my office.

I am still having a lot to share but I am feeling too sleepy.

Good night friends.
Catch you tomorrow.


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