Skansen, The Old Sweden Heritage Park… And Surprises!

This Morning I woke up at 10 and went directly to the meeting with my project manager, Ulhas, who has a few one on one sessions with all of us here onsite. I think the meeting was good and I am more relived for now as some workload has been shifted to some other resource.

In the process of all these Sunday work meetings we got late to go out and got a chance to leave the hotel only at 3 in the after noon. We, me-Abhijit-Kaushal, were so unsure that where to go and finally zeroed on my choice that was Skansen.

Skansen is a place worth visiting. All the place is situated over a hill on the island of Dejurgarten near Gamala Stan. We went to T-Centralum again and took a bus to Skansen. It was SEK 80/- fee to enter the Skansen campus and both of my friends threatened me a refund if something goes wrong with their Sunday evening.

But oh boy…! That was a place to look forward to. If you are any where in the world and just wanted to know how Europe worked back in the days, Skansen is for you. Here they created and imported all the buildings and old stuff dated back from 12th or so century. Old traditional wear was compulsory for all the staff working there. Old printing press, houses, pubs, farm sets, Barns, bullock carts, and so many things. It is impossible to express everything here in words.

Yahoo travel has rated Gamala Stan over Skansen but I go the other way round. Skansen was place of the Sweden for me. I am planning another visit there as we were too late and missed all the morning and noon activities there. It was a huge campus and it was virtually impossible to see and notice everything. There was a lady who was selling lottery and I spent SEK 5 on it and for nothing. Here in Sweden ‘Nahin’ is used for ‘No’, ‘Hey-Hey’ for ‘Hi’ and ‘Ammm’ for ‘ok’. Last one is funny because it sounds like moaning and you know…   .

Okay, here comes the big deal. While wandering around the Brown Bear segments of the Skansen, I saw some Indian people and one of them smiled at us and I just said ‘Are you Mr. Govarikar?’ and the other just nodded. I asked him if we can click some photos with him and he agreed happily. The Swadesh Guy was with us at some Videshi location. This man nominated India to the Oscars and here he was, standing right beside me. I was to glad to meet him. He asked us as how long we are here in Stockholm and some one of us replied one month and we will be staying here for another couple of months. Mr. Govarikar was surprised to here that and asked why is that so? The answer was usual… Software!

I told him about the Khamosh thing and he was so happy to see that I also want to become a Director in movies.

Well… the story does not ends here. I was preparing to get my self clicked with a old small cottage and sat on a bench which was not nailed properly with the base. Voila! I sat on the corner and bench was over me. Every one there busted in to laughs and the Govarokar family also catched the fun. Mrs. Govarikar said it was a Kodak moment and Kaushal followed her instructions and clicked a couple of pictures of me in that silly position to fix the bench back to it’s original shape. Lol… it was a memory to cherish in long times to come.

We took a boat ride to reach from Skansen to Gamala Stan and took the tube back to Nacrosen, where we are staying.

Good Morgun friends.


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