Ye jo des hai tera

The feeling of being an Indian can never be achieved by sitting in the country itself and thinking over it. Though the world outside is more beautiful and welcoming, attractive and charming, magical and spell binding but the home soil is incomparable with anything out here. The feeling I am having today is something that cannot be described in words.

I am not sad or not missing India too much but the point is you can never run from the Indian deep inside you wherever you go away from India. The corrupt, polluted and poor country. Yeah! That is my nation. Why don’t I do something to make India a beautiful place to live rather drooling over some place far from the heart of a nationalist? I am not saying some political garbage but just want to say why don’t we, all the youth of India make efforts in the right direction to make a beautiful nation of our own!

Today I woke up at 8:00 am. That is my office time. I was too late. I reached office alone as every one was already reached there before me. I got the official mail stating the time should be the first constraint to manage. Then a training session started and some more workload was shaded off me as I am not supposed to do some specific work as there is no solution to a few problems as I was banging my head on those since last 4 office days. After the training we all went to an Indian restaurant called ‘The Indian Curry House’. The restaurant is the owned by a Bangladeshi and all the waiters there are Pakistani. Isn’t that funny!

After lunch there was this meeting with the onsite project manager Per Pederson, my offsite project manager Ulhas Kulkarni and Ashish Ahuja. The meeting was good as I shaded some more work off me. Now it seems that work is getting lighter than it was while I started the process of handover.

Everyone was too busy in meetings and other workshops while I started for home from office. In the tube back to Nacrosen, I saw a girl and a boy, both not a day older than 13, were lip locked each other in the crowded train. The lovebirds. They seemed not bothered by anyone there and co passengers also not minded over the spree of wild kissing and hugging of very young teenagers in a train.

I am too tired today and do not want to be late again for office again.

So good night friends.



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