Hello Life

Hi friends,

I am so happy today… 900+ visits to my blog! It seems all my friends are here with me and enjoing my life with fullest. I don’t have words to describe this feeling.

I am good, just was a bit tired yesterday but today is fine. Today is Kausha’s B’day and we all wished him all the day long. We got this another Indian restaurent called Indian Khushbu where the head chef and his team belongs to Mumbai. Johnny, the head chef knows how to cook Jain food and is a nice guy so he prepares something for Kaushal and gives a parcel for the night too. Add more to it as he gets chapaties also with the parcel.

He pays 75 SEK insted of 150 SEK as the calculations but the Desi Connections do some work. Same case with this store guy, his wife is from Kutch so we get SEK5 discount on each SEK100 calling card. Isn’t that great?

Today was a loaded day. Here my Project Manager is pulling legs of the team and another guy called Ashish is making things worst. I don’t know how people work but sending 5 mails in 5 min. to a single guy and keep asking questions and another 5 mails before getting replies is not management I suppose.

How you can estimate before knowing what should be estimated.

People just want to show their authority and this kind of behaviour makes things worst. I know I just have to follow orders but back home in India they will kill me if I missed anything here. I need a space to breath.

To your amusement, this guy even fixed my all the appointments before I knew it. That too non stop… one by one. I was exhausted all the day long and just wanted to get out. Though the day was tough but I think somewhat it was fun just running around people to catch the meetings and appointments.

These guys will ask us to go India on 15th as I guess now and that is a very short time to catch up with everything. I am migrating 4 peoples jobs and I am supposed to give training to people back in India. How will I give proper information to people if I did not had right or exact knowledge? They will have there questions to ask on the same.

Office garbage huh…?

Leave that friends… I am good and having rocking life outside the office though.

Have fun!


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