The Mid Summer Day Weekend…

So, Here comes another weekend in Sweden. This time around this is 23rd June and this is known as the longest day of the year. As for now I know that as sun is never goes beyond horizon, it remains just opposite in winters. Sweden has the highest ratio of suicides due to depression. Darkness is such a bad thing.

Ah…. back to the topic. So, here it is, A Mid Summer Day that means loads of fun.

Actually the fun was there for the natives only. All the people left for countryside and the streets were almost empty everywhere I have gone yesterday. This city already has very less population density as compared to India and from then on people left the city to celebrate the BIGESST festival of the year. Even the movie theaters were closed due to the festival. Now it was a really boring day out for me as I went to the National Museum here and that too was closed.

But one thing is sure. Though all the places were closed but I am really having a good feel of Europe and this country. I am wondering how will I handle the Mumbai climate?


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