The thinking cap and the thoughts of life

Is this the same path I always wanted to walk upon? I am not sure yet. Sitting here, in a land, which is 8000 K.M. away from my home soil, is it obvious to think about the life goals and unfulfilled dreams? I am trying not to think more about all these but the fact always remains the same that something, somewhere is driving my life over the speed limit. I always have scary thoughts of loosing everything and each time I decide to go back and pick up the life where I left it..

I know that sometimes, some how I am not being fair with my family and close friends. I am a rude and selfish to those who love me the most in this world. What should I do?

All my friends say that I’ll achieve my dreams but the path is still cloudy for me.

The jet speed life of mine has taken me places and during the Dec-Jan period of my life I realized how fast I was going. Now, I am learning to relax but the life is back on the jet plane. No turning around and just heading in the direction of one-way destiny. I feel alone sometimes. It is so hard to explain things to anyone and as I am a chatterbox and can have conversations with almost anyone but the inner feelings are now too hard to share.

I am having so many friends all around me but with each of them I share a different bond and a different wavelength. Thinking is not an issue but now I have to decide the way of my life. Though the waters of time and destiny are taking me to the best places but to live a happy life there should not be any place for self-doubt or broken dreams.

What should I do friends?


One thought on “The thinking cap and the thoughts of life

  1. A nice artistic picture and nice blog….I do want to make a comment here that actually everything is relative in this world….what you are seeing as a jet speed life for urslef can be a slow pace life for those who are having a 100 times more progress and moving ahead of you (in any terms). May be they are calm and moving at the same time. Although its very difficult to achieve this but this is what will make a person different from clan. Don’t be too disappointed by ur failures and don’t be too excited by ur successes and you will get what you want…:-)

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