Living on the edge…!

Do you know what is the meaning of Go-Wild? Exactly. I must be made doing all the things yesterday. Free Fall, Roller Coasters, Extreme ride, Haunted house, ghost ride and oh-my-god-what-was-that things I did here.

The automated cameras placed at the top of the Europe’s highest Free Fall here at ‘Grona-Lund’ in Stockholm took this photo posted here. Actually, I went at the top again to get a good close-up picture.

The parkland or Grona-Lund is an amusement park in the middle of Dujurgarden island of old town. The free fall is 110 Meter high and while falling free one feels a power of 3.5 G before handled by the machines. They take you up there slowly and give a marvelous aerial view of the city, get a camera and before you know it click picture, tilt the chairs at 30 degrees and drop you at the same time.

All the rides here take your pictures while you were inthe funniest situations where you do not wish to be seen. They display every picture taken at the exit of the ride.

Oh boy! That was fun. The chilliest moments of my life and here I learned what is the true meaning of adventure and thrill is. All things cost just SEK 240. SEK 60 is the entry fee and SEK 180 was for all the rides any number of times, provided you have the guts to do it again.

It completely shaked me. I was so tired after the rides that I slept till noon today. Here I come across the 2KG jumbo sized chocolets. All the kids won them in different competetions going on here.

The placed rocked and I tried almost all the rides but the regular ones, which can be found in the city fair of Sanawad. You must have noticed my ear-to-ear smile and the fear in my eyes, as it was my round number 2 at this for-all idiot’s ride.

Life is fun friends. It rocks and takes you places.


Live it.


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